Capturing your                 & documenting your memories makes life all the 

I see your                  through two lenses. Beauty and structure.

richer. . .

love story

wedding day  

You should know, I’m a scientist and a photographer

A researcher and an artist. 

These two worlds may seem very different, but they both make me whole. My Ph.D. in Genetics helps me understand and appreciate the beauty of photography and my photography helps me value the art of science more. 

What does that mean for you?

Beauty in the way I capture all your intimate and meaningful moments.

I’ll create still-lifes with your details, ensure the light hits your dress just right, and convey emotion at every turn. You’ll receive a collection of images that have timeless portraits and surprising details- like your grandmother’s hand in yours or the way he whispered in your ear at dinner. 

Structure in the way I work to ensure your wedding day feels effortless.

We’ll work together from the very beginning to make sure your day is organized, efficient, and planned to the very last detail. You’ll never have to wonder where you need to be or how we’re going to corral your whole family for that legacy photo - I’ll have that taken care of.

You’ll go into your wedding day knowing that you can simply be present and enjoy.