The Benfits of Detail Styling

November 3, 2021

For Couples

For any event, styling is such an important component that ties the day together in a meaningful way. It’s the details combined with the candid moments that create a complete story that is uniquely yours.

Sometimes the most thought-after pieces are in the smallest details – like family heirlooms, welcome gifts, ring boxes, borrowed pieces, jewelry, stationery, or even a custom hat. And it’s easy to overlook these details in the grand scheme of things. That’s why having a stylist present on your wedding day is an incredible gift that helps curate and showcase the beauty and importance of your most cherished pieces.

5 Benefits to hiring a stylist for your wedding events

01 | Time spent understanding your story and style to ensure your images represent who you are well. Styling isn’t a one-size-fits-all activity. We spend time communicating with your stylist and planner to ensure we understand who you are as a couple, the experience you want your guests to have at your event, and what matters most to you so these important aspects are reflected in how we style your details.

02 | Allows us as your photographers to spend our time photographing candid moments and other moments that are happening throughout your day without also having to spend time styling and straightening your details. Curating and styling details takes a great deal of time, and while we LOVE it, we want to ensure every aspect of your event gets our undivided attention – thus having a stylist on site who is looking to perfect all the details gives us the freedom to photograph the organic moments happening throughout the day.

03 | Allows your planner to focus on putting together your event and ensure all your needs are met as a client without worrying about curating the smallest details. Hiring an event stylist alleviates the feeling of having to do it all from your planner, and simply your planner is there to plan and prep, they are not a stylist. Your planner will feel relieved knowing your stylist is curating all the important details while they’re taking care of other aspects of your event.

04 | Ensures even the smallest details are handled, displayed, and captured with the utmost care. When a stylist is on-site NO detail goes unnoticed or gets overlooked. Wedding events can be fast-paced, having a stylist on-site ensures there is a designated person dedicated to handling your details, ensuring they get placed back in safe spaces with care, and communicating detail logistics with the rest of the vendor team.

05 | In the end, you’re guaranteed to receive incredible images of your most cherished details that help tie together the story of your wedding weekend events to look back on.

Simply, our experience working with stylists is simply incredible and aids us as photographers in creating perfect detail images. Scroll for a few of our favorite styled images by our friend and incredible stylist Taylor Dawn.

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