Heirloom Album Design Process | Part II

October 19, 2021

Heirloom Products

It’s no secret that how we share images over time continues to change – technologies evolve, storage devices change, computers upgrade, and platforms come and go – and despite all these changes, as a society, we still put most of our most cherished memories online without thinking about the lifetime of our images. And for the most part, we do not OWN the platforms where we are storing our images.

Here at AOP, we are big believers in printing and preserving our most cherished memories and creating tangible images that we OWN and can physically pass on to our family throughout generations. Your most important memories deserve to be handled with a white glove service to ensure you have products in your home that will be handled with care AND last for generations to come.

Earlier this month we started talking more about the process behind one of our favorite tangible ways to preserve memories – Heirloom Albums. Before you dig into today’s post be sure to review Part I of our Heirloom Album design process.

Our fine art heirloom albums are uniquely handcrafted to display the beautiful story of your wedding day or family story. Each album is filled with museum-grade printed images with beautiful matte finishes that will last a lifetime.

Today we’re back with Part II of our Heirloom Album design process where we’re digging into the materials used to create our custom albums…

04 | Custom options to create your unique heirloom album

When building your album we’ll share a variety of options available to you to create the exact type of album you are looking for including:

  • Paper types
  • Size
  • Cover options
  • Debossing and cameos

Paper Types

From acid-free and lignin-free paper options on either thick museum grade or thin smooth alpha-cellulose paper, your images will be printed on paper that will not smear, fade, or degrade with time. We can print your images on a bright white base for clean image spreads or rag paper in a natural white tone to give your album a more museum feel.

No matter your paper preferences your images will remain stable and intact for generations.

Album Size

We can create your album in a variety of sizes to build your family collection a small parent album to a large album that feels like a museum coffee table book. We offer albums in both a square and rectangle shape in the following sizes:

  • Square options:
    • 8 x 8
    • 10 x 10
    • 12 x 12
  • Rectangle options:
    • 8 x 10
    • 9 x 12
    • 11 x 14

Cover Options

There are endless options to create the cover and texture of your heirloom album including – luxe linen, classic linen, luxe leather, vegan leather, vegan suede, and fabric options in stunning textures and colors. No matter your design aesthetic there are album cover options to fit your style and story. AND if you’d like to create a totally custom cover that is always an option too – honestly our favorite option. 🙂

Here are just a few examples of some of our favorite classic album cover options:

Debossing and Cameos

Whether you want your names, wedding date, custom wedding monogram, or special message engraved or debossed on the cover of your album we can make it happen.

05 | Assembly and Delivery

Once we’ve laid out your perfect album spreads and picked all your ideal design elements out your album will start the assembly process. Once created your album will be carefully packaged and shipped directly to your home to start enjoying.

To order and start designing your album today email us at hello@amandaoliviaphotography.com.

We cannot wait to help you print your memories.