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October 5, 2021

Heirloom Products

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  • Holding your memories in your hands.
  • Sitting around the living room, passing around an album filled with your memories sharing stories as images remind you of what it felt like to be in that moment.
  • Knowing your most cherished memories are safe and not at the mercy of changing technologies.
  • Having a forever keepsake that will truly stand the test of time.

Each heirloom album is custom designed to be that keepsake, that heirloom, that space where you cherish and hold your memories.

Our image preservation methods are part of the archival process. Your memories are not captured with the intent to be left and experienced through online galleries and screens. While those methods are quick and fun for sharing, printing images is part of how your family builds heirlooms. 

Frequently in this instant gratification world, precious memories can get lost in the endless scrolling on social media and the digital abyss. An image present on your screen for only a nanosecond and before you scroll onto the next thing.

That is why we archive memories in various forms, from custom framing to matted prints to memory boxes to heirloom albums. Each designed so you can cherish and experience your memories. Each is hand-crafted with quality products that last the test of time.

When designing your heirlooms, we put the utmost attention into creating your products and collaborate with the absolute best archivists that focus on quality and care.

One of our most treasured products is the heirloom album. From a seamless design process to delivering your forever memories on your doorstep, every stage of our process serves you well and is tailored for your aesthetic.

And while each album is unique, here are a few key elements you can expect from AOP when creating your heirloom album.

01 | Album Consultation

Your story is essential. The way that you want to preserve your legacy matters. 

First and foremost, we have a consultation to visualize the exact elements that matter most to you, so we can include those in your final product.

02 | Image Curation and Design

After our consultation, you will experience a straightforward design process – you pick out your favorite images, and we arrange them beautifully to tell your story.

Next, you receive an online blueprint of your album to evaluate. You can seamlessly send feedback and request adjustments as desired.

03 | Refinement

Like a piece of art, we refine and tweak every detail to ensure each image, layout, and page of your album is absolute perfection because you deserve the best.

Up Next…

Next week we dive into the custom hand-crafted components we use to create your album. From cover textures and colors to custom debossing, we’ll cover it all. Stay tuned.

If you haven’t printed your memories yet, it’s not too late!

Contact us at hello@amandaoliviaphotography.com to start creating your family heirlooms.

amanda olivia photography heirloom wedding albums