Trust the process

August 16, 2021

For Couples

bride walking to meet the groom jekyll island crane cottage

If I could give you only one piece of advice heading into your wedding events, it would be…

Trust the process.

When you sit down on your couch with your partner sifting through your cherished memories in your wedding album, do you want to see photos filled with joy, confidence, and happiness or photos filled with hesitancy, frustration, and lack of trust?

I’m confident you want the former.

And the amazing thing is, you can have beautiful images that remind you of the joyful, raw, honest, and lovely moments captured if you trust us and allow us to be the artists you hired to capture your events.

Releasing control, breathing in calm, trusting your vendor team, and deciding to be present during your wedding events is the key to genuinely experiencing your wedding events AND receiving a gallery you’ll cherish.

When you try and hold onto control too tightly you…

  • Stifle our creative process leaving little room for us to depict your story authentically.
  • Create unneeded tension for you, your family and friends, and vendors trying to bring their best talents to the table.
  • Spend too much time worrying about what we’re doing and thus not living in the moment you’ve planned so hard to enjoy.
  • Walk away from your wedding events remembering how you were involved too much in logistics, worried, and how you should have instead been present with your people. You simply feel part of an orchestrated schedule instead of being.
  • Receive a gallery full of images that lack confidence and showcase your micromanaging side…and I’ll tell you that you’ll see those worries transcend through your images each time you look at them.
  • Are sent a gallery that is not our artistic best because you wanted creative control of our artistic vision.

When you trust us and release creative freedom you…

  • Get to enjoy and truly experience your events and create memories with your family and friends.
  • Walk away from your wedding day with memories you created by leaning into your story instead of forcing a narrative.
  • Receive a gallery you look comfortable and yourself in and thus want to look through time and time again.
  • Feel incredible.

So, as you head into your wedding events, let us leave you with this…





Now, leave the artistic endeavors to us and grab your signature drink to start celebrating all that you’ve been looking forward to for months!