August 2021 + Q3 Intentions

August 1, 2021

My Thoughts

Happy August! As we enter the second month of quarter 3 it’s time we do a goal refresh and share what we’ve been working on and what’s to come in AOP. It’s been a busy and hectic quarter for us and we’re excited about how everything is progressing.

For reference here are our 2021 intentions and where we started the year.

AUGUST 2021 + Q3 Intentions



  • Photograph two beautiful AOP weddings and celebrate these couples well
    • One down one to go!
  • Photograph two engagements
  • Deliver several incredible weddings, engagements, and personal projects
  • Create custom products for our couples
  • Start sending out a monthly AOP Dispatch
  • Work through The Editor’s Course for a second time
  • Experiment with some new equipment including tintype film and super8 things to come!


  • Writing, writing, writing! And throw in some data analysis in the mix and…repeat.
    • Submit a paper focused on our study design
  • Read 1 metabolomics paper daily
  • Prep for next steps in my science career

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Cheers to a beautiful August and wonderful Quarter 3.