Creating a Personalized Engagement Experience

January 7, 2021

The AOP Way

Amanda Olivia Photography Cumberland Island Georgia Engagement

Engagement experiences are something we value greatly at Amanda Olivia Photography because we believe this time allows us to build a foundational relationship with you that enhances your wedding photography experience. It also allows us to capture you, your unique story, and leaves you with images of a special time in your relationship.

We’re not here for the plug and play engagement sessions most photographer’s offer – we’re here for a unique and personalized engagement experience that brings true value to your life.

So, how do we craft that personalized engagement experience?

Amanda Olivia Photography Cumberland Island Georgia Engagement

01 | Getting to Know You

Before setting foot at any location we first want to get a pulse on who you are as individuals and as a couple so we can plan the perfect experience. Through planning and a Getting to Know You questionnaire we’ll start to lay the ground work on where to host your engagement experience and how you’ll feel most comfortable. As you’re starting to think about where to have your engagement experience start thinking of:

  • What do you do in your spare time individually and as a couple?
  • How long have you been together?
  • Where do you feel most comfortable inside or outside?
  • What is your favorite climate?
  • What is your favorite thing to do together as a couple?
  • Which location(s) have meaning to you? Why?
  • What adjectives describe you each individually and as a couple?
  • How do you show affection towards each other (i.e. hugging, holding hands, being playful, etc.)?
  • Where are you hosting your wedding? Why did you pick that destination?

All these details help us pin down where to host your experience and for us to start thinking of natural posing and direction that will feel most comfortable to you.

Amanda Olivia Photography Cumberland Island Georgia Engagement The First African American Baptist Church

02 | Storyboard and design our time together

Perhaps you’re saying your vows at a secluded historic church or hosting your reception at a family inn or you got engaged on your family’s property – all of these places are a piece of your story. Once we start to layout locations that hold personal meaning to you we can craft the best seasons, looks, outfits, time of day, and details we need to pull together to craft a thoughtful session together. We want your images to tell your unique story and relationship.

We’ll put together and share storyboards with you that will serve as the inspiration for your engagement experience.

Amanda Olivia Photography Cumberland Island Georgia Engagement

03 | Slowing down and spending as much time as needed to create your images

Each engagement experience is unique and thus deserves the proper amount of time to document your story properly. Some experiences require multiple days of travel and a days worth of location changes to complete the story you’re telling. Some experiences require a few hours strolling along the beach and that is more than enough. Regardless of what your story is, we are here to dedicate the time needed to create that story.

After we have walked through your Getting to Know You questionnaire and storyboards we’ll craft and propose a unique timeline to allow us to capture it all with ease and joy.

You deserve the proper care and space to document your story, so let’s make sure you get the time you deserve.

Amanda Olivia Photography Cumberland Island Georgia Engagement

04 | Preserving your experience for a lifetime

Not only will we have visited places of importance and reminisced on old memories, we will create new memories during your engagement experience that deserve to be remembered, held, and live a life of their own in your home. After your gallery is created we will work with you to get your images out of the online gallery and into your home where you can enjoy them.

Your story is worth preserving – let’s get started.

We absolutely can’t wait to document this special season in your life. To inquire about our engagement experience head to our contact page to get started.