2021 Intentional Planning

January 1, 2021

My Thoughts

Amanda Olivia Photography. Southeast Wedding Photographer creating timeless images for the legacy moments.

Happy 2021!

We’re glad to see you here with some of that new year energy and hope. I think we could all use that right about now!

We have some big things in store for AOP (and life in general) in 2021 and as much as my planner personality wanted to jump right in and hit the ground running like I usually do at the end of every year; I knew at the end of 2020 that wasn’t what I needed right away. So to rest my racing heart and busy mind, I took some much needed time to reset my mind this holiday season (and I hope you did too because it’s been quite the year).

I spent time away from my inbox, not writing plans, and taking a break from the non-stop work that was 2020. Because I don’t know about you but 2020 was B.U.S.Y. and filled with work, which I’m grateful for, but it was tiring. And to be honest, in order to jump back into the work season and into 2021 I HAD to take some time to reset because 2020 left me feeling spent and depleted.

Even though it felt hard to give myself this much needed time of rest, I know it’s exactly what I need for a successful year, healthy body, and a good relationship with my work. I wrote a little bit more about this intentional time off in my recent post, here!

And this time allowed for us to do some big picture planning in this year that is going to bring a lot of change for us!

So today I’m sharing my overall master 2021 intention list to give you the BIG picture view of what I’m focusing on this year. And I must say I am THRILLED and filled with JOY about what 2021 has in store for me, AOP, and our couple’s.

My 2021 Intentions

01 | Work with great purpose and push boundaries for both Amanda Olivia Photography and Legacies Untold. More to come on this!

02 | Create spiritual practices that are life-giving, create inner freedom, and give me space to breathe.

03 | Create and surround myself with a community of people who are ready for radical growth and change.

04 | Create a healthy and toxin free home that supports our health and sustainable living.

05 | Gain more body strength through at home training program(s). Lost a lot of my physical strength in 2020 with my dance studio shut.

06 | Defend my PhD thesis and GRADUATE! Big changes are coming in my science career.

07 | Make and follow a financial plan that works for me.

08 | Be present where I am each day. Live in the now.

P.S. – I developed my master list from using my Powersheets … highly recommend getting some if you’re ready for a strategic path to set purposeful intentions this year.

We’re excited to be back tomorrow sharing our specific 12 week Quarter 1 intentions!

In the meantime, share with me your 2021 big picture goals in the comments below.