Riley’s Favorite Winter Traditions

December 13, 2020

Riley's Winter Favorites for Amanda Olivia Photography

Oh, how I am so excited to be writing this blog post this morning. There are so many things I love about this season and as an avid tradition holder, I’m excited to be sharing my favorite winter traditions with you today!


  • Every year growing up my mom would take my brother and I to pick up a Christmas ornament. They could be whatever we wanted. From hello kitty to a porcelain ballerina; I now have quite the collection. She wanted us to have an entire collection of our very own Christmas ornaments to have with us when we started our own families.
  • It’s so funny to me that this was also on Amanda’s list- but for the past several years I’ve decorated my whole house in dried oranges and eucalypts! From my tree to the pine garland, the house is covered in the amazing smell of dried fruit and eucalyptus. And it’s a simple way to bring in some natural beauty to your home!
  • Every Christmas eve, our entire family gets matching pajamas. It’s a little cheesy and very common but I have to say that it’s one of my favorites.
  • I make my own wrapping paper every year with some recyclable paper and a good ol’ black marker! I’ll draw Christmas themed illustrations or some abstract shapes and add a cute ribbon and ta-da, beautiful one-of-a-kind wrapping paper! Here is another quick tutorial if you want to know more!
  • Hallmark movies on repeat! My mom and I have always been big Hallmark movie lovers. It’s something we love doing together every year. We’ll make cookies, sit by the tree, and cry laughing at the cringey but can’t look away moments of Hallmark.
  • We live about 30 minutes away from Christmas town USA! Every year, my friends and I drive to the sweet little town and spend hours looking at lights, caroling with the neighborhood, and sipping cocoa at every hot chocolate stop! It’s a serious Hallmark movie come to life. I’m sure this year will look a little different but I’m hoping we can still make the best of it!


  • The Ultimate Movie Day- Every Friday night, my boyfriend and I have movie night. We order takeout and watch a movie we both have never seen! It’s a simple but longstanding tradition we have! This year, we decided to take a whole day off to have the ultimate movie day! We’re going to make iconic movie foods, unique popcorn recipes, and hang Christmas lights ALL around the living room! It’ll be our own little end of the year celebration. And we’ve already decided that we’ll be doing this every year!
  • Creative Advent- Alongside my friend Tracy, I run a creative blog called Daisy Made where we feature “everyday” creatives who are doing big beautiful things in the creative world. This year we put out a Creative Advent calendar! Its 25 days of intentional creativity and I am so excited about it! The days include things like making paper garland to writing letters to your UPS drivers! It’ll make this quarantine Christmas a little more exciting! You can shop the creative advent calendar, here
  • Sending out handmade Christmas cards to all friends and family!
  • Finding a Christmas light display and taking a hot cocoa walk!

I hope that however you are celebrating this season, that you find joy, peace, rest, hope and love in it all.