Talk About It Tuesdays | Little Light Co.

May 5, 2020

For Couples

What are “Talk About it Tuesdays”?

Talk About it Tuesdays are conversations with my favorite wedding vendors and friends to share a little more about what they offer in the wedding industry. Each and every person I interview is a vendor I’ve worked with, know, and trust.

This series was designed for couple’s who are in the planning process! I recognize there are SO many options when it comes to assembling your perfect vendor team, so I hope these vendor interviews give you a deeper glimpse into the person and team behind each and every business you’re considering hiring for your day.

You can learn more about each vendor through our short video (~10 minute) conversations (linked below) hosted on my IGTV) or in the blog post below!

As you watch this series know I’m cheering you on as you plan your perfect event and wedding day!

P.S. – Have a specific question you want to answered? A specific vendor to be interviewed? Send me a message or leave a comment below and we’ll make it happen!

And now lets head into today’s guest….Beth with Little Light Co.!

Talk About It Tuesday with Beth, Owner of Little Light Co.

Today we have the amazing Beth, Owner of Little Light Co. with us! We had such a fun time chatting about her process and the incredible candles she creates, I can’t wait for you to dive into today’s chat!

You can either hop on the video below and listen in to our conversation or read the blog post below! Here we go!

Tell us who you are and more about how Little Light Co. got started.

Hello! I’m Beth! We started about 6 years ago, and like a lot of other good Southern companies, we started at the kitchen sink right here in Athens. I was in a dark period of my life and was just praying for God to “turn on that little creative light” inside me that had died and that was just the ‘aha’ moment for me. I first started making my “French Lavender” candles and soon created my “7 signature scents” inspired by the south, and some signature Southern names that pertained to me came to mind. So, I grabbed a glass of wine, grabbed all the “Little Light Co.” URLs and handles and got started!

I started slow at a couple little places here in Athens, and now I’ve grown to over 50 retail accounts in the Southeast.

Tell us about how you make your candles and what the process is like!

I initially started researching the difference between soy and paraffin. Paraffin is actually very toxic and I’m very anti-paraffin, so if you want to have a ‘clean living’ life-style, do your research on soy wax!

So I make 100% organic white soy wax candles. I don’t use paraffin and I don’t use dyes. All our candle vessels/containers can actually be repurposed safely after use. The soy wax can be cleaned out and the wick can be popped out and you can use the vessel for other things.

Often my couples, especially my Athens couples, have a whole wedding weekend experience for their guests which involves multi-day events and beautiful guest/welcome boxes.

I’ve seen Little Light Co. products showcased as an Athens favorite over and over again – so I’d love to know how you work with brides and planners to create these boxes and overall learn what ways couple’s can integrate Little Light Co. products into their wedding day.

When I first started the company weddings were a big part of my business plan. So I have several options for couples! First, for those creating a welcome box I have two different ways to do it:

  • Local Box Option | Some couple’s want to create a local box for their guests with the local pottery, chocolate, candle, etc. In those cases, I can include a smaller Little Light Co. candle with our logo and typically we’ll use the “lavender and lace” signature scent because it’s white, beautiful, and super bridal.
  • Branded Option| The other option is to make a branded candle for your day. I can design a logo or monogram for couples so they can have their own unique label on their candles. We can also customize the scent to be different than one of the “seven signature scents”. Between playing with oils to get you the perfect scent and branding, we can provide custom candles for your day.

Other ways we’ve used Little Light Co. candles at weddings have been by:

  • Displaying big candle tables as guests leave so they can pick up their candle gift at the end of the night.
  • And as “thank you” gifts for the bridal party and vendors.

I love finding ways ways to help brides shine their light on their wedding day!

While you’re based in Athens where can people find your products!

Just go to our website and see what boutiques we’re at! We’re all over Georgia – Athens, Monroe, Macon, St. Simons, etc. We’re also around the Southeast – Auburn, AL, Highlands, NC, etc. So really the easiest way to find us is through our website.

What fun things are on the horizon for Little Light Co.?

Well…I have been asked to do a “man candle” a LOT!

And when I had my son I named him “Haywood”, and I was inspired by him actually…as most good artists are inspired by their own lives. I thought “The Haywood” would be the perfect name for a woodsy man candle! And his name in Old English actually means “The edge of the wood” so it’s perfect!

SO I’ve been playing around with pine, sandalwood, patchouli, etc. and I plan to launch a man candle this Fall or Winter…so stay tuned!

Okay, this has been great! To wrap up, what piece of newlywed or engagement advice would you give to couples who are in the planning process?

For the engaged couples, even for the introverts, tell EVERYONE that you are engaged! Tell every hotel, restaurant, airline, etc.

When I was engaged it was one of the funnest times of my life. I told everyone I was engaged, and magically our hotel room got upgraded. Magically my coach flight went to first class. Magically a glass of champaign would show up on the table.

People are just so giddy about engagements so tell them! And you can get all kinds of upgrades in life!

What are the best places for people to connect with you and see your work?

Instagram! Facebook! Our website!

My email is and you can reach me there! Or you can give me a call – my number is on my website so just reach out!