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May 12, 2020

For Couples

What are “Talk About it Tuesdays”?

Talk About it Tuesdays are conversations with my favorite wedding vendors and friends to share a little more about what they offer in the wedding industry. Each and every person I interview is a vendor I’ve worked with, know, and trust.

This series was designed for couple’s who are in the planning process! I recognize there are SO many options when it comes to assembling your perfect vendor team, so I hope these vendor interviews give you a deeper glimpse into the person and team behind each and every business you’re considering hiring for your day.

You can learn more about each vendor through our short video (~10 minute) conversations (linked below) hosted on my IGTV) or in the blog post below!

As you watch this series know I’m cheering you on as you plan your perfect event and wedding day!

P.S. – Have a specific question you want to answered? A specific vendor to be interviewed? Send me a message or leave a comment below and we’ll make it happen!

And now lets head into today’s guest…Kelsey Owner of Lairsey Paper Co.

Talk About It Tuesday with Kelsey, Owner of Lairsey Paper Co.

Today we have the amazing Kelsey, Owner of Lairsey Paper Co. with us! We had such a fun time chatting about ALL things paper! I’m so excited to dig into today’s chat.

Tell us a little bit about who you are and about Lairsey Paper Co.

Hi, I’m Kelsey! I’m an Invitation Designer and Calligrapher based in Atlanta and work with clients all over the country. I’ve been in business for 5 years. I love working with couples on creating all their paper goods from – Save the Dates to Invitation Suites to all their day of details!

Can you share your design process with us? What does it look like to work with you?

Yes! In the invitation world there are a few different avenues:

  • Fully Custom – Working with your designer to create something completely unique for you.
  • Pre-Designed Suites – This is more of a click and order process on sites like Minted.

And what I offer is something in between these two! I offer semi-custom collections.

My couples have the opportunity to select the paper type, print method, colors, etc. that match their wedding aesthetic. So there are many options that couples have to make the suite custom to them, plus you have the benefit of working with an expert in the field that knows the etiquette behind wedding paper goods and can guide you well.

I also do calligraphy and hand addressing envelopes – it’s all a labor of love, but it’s something that makes your invitation feel more like a present or work of art when it arrives in your guest’s mailbox.

Outside of invitation suites, what other paper goods and services do you offer your clients?

Yes! I love working with my full service clients from start to finish because there is so much opportunity to create cohesiveness from start to finish of the event. By keeping the materials, illustrations, crests, colors, etc. consistent throughout your event – from your save the dates, seating cards, menus, signage, plate cards, thank you notes, etc. it creates a beautiful experience throughout for you and your guests!

I also offer to customize the fun stuff – cozies, match boxes, little gifts, etc.

All of this just allows us to put together a cohesive feel and story on your wedding day. By working with an Invitation Designer and Calligrapher it can really help you keep your guest experience and event cohesive.

What has really inspired the designs you create for your clients and your work in general?

In my initial questionnaire I ask for clients to share any Pinterest or design boards that their wedding planner or designer may have created for them, along with any inspiration photos that they love, and I ask about their story.

I then pull all those pieces together to come up with ideas to present during our initial conversation. I’ll think about their story, colors, venue, what they enjoy, etc. and present ideas that reflect who they area. I use all this information to help guide clients to what’s going to serve them best and help them make design decisions, because there are so many to make!

And really this is what inspired my collections! I wanted to create collections that would be beautiful and would allow brides who wanted some custom points to be able to do that, but to not overwhelm them with decision fatigue. So these collections help narrow down the decisions that need to be made.

In the end – there are so many ways to pull in all the design aesthetics to match each clients story well!

Right now we’re in a different climate where smaller weddings and events are becoming more popular – I’m curious to what you’re offering clients who are having smaller events and how you’re helping them have a luxurious day?

When it comes to details this is where you can get really personal because you have the budget and it’s going to a smaller number of guests. This is where you can offer a personalized plate setting on each setting. Maybe you put a thank you note on everyone’s plate setting that is hand-written and has their name on it. Customizing pieces like this makes your guests feel special – and this is great because these are YOUR people.

By having an intimate wedding you can provide quality over quantity. You can take the time to provide personalized touches that makes your wedding feel lush and luxurious. This cohesive experience from beginning to end provides you the opportunity to have the wedding of your dreams.

Thinking about the future, what’s on the horizon for you and your brand?

Yes! SO many good things! I just added 3 additional suites to my collections, so there are some new great options there.

Aside from that I am starting to consider offering a limited number of totally custom wedding invitations each year. This is an opportunity to offer that complete custom experience for the couple that wants all those details and will know that this design is just for them.

I’m also working on launching a line of bridal shower, engagement, rehearsal dinner, and baby invitations. I’m still finishing up some design and back-end stuff on my end so I’ll be launching that all soon. I decided to start this because I’ve gotten so many bad template invitations from friends and realized that there just aren’t a lot of options out there for these things! I want to offer a classic, modern approach to these invitations. You’ll still be able to customize these a bit and will be something special that will last the test of time on quality paper.

And all of these offerings are going to allow me to build a longer relationship with my clients and be able to work with them before and after their wedding day. I’m excited for what’s to come!

What is one piece of advice you would give couples who are in the planning process or are newly engaged?

I would say, try and enjoy it, and the best way to enjoy it is to hire professionals who will take care of everything so you can enjoy the process. I’ve seen so many friends who didn’t hire an experienced planner or photographer and they ended up having to do so much more work on the day of their wedding. So hire well! Hire the right people who understand you as a couple so they can bring your wedding day to life.

Where can people find and connect with you?

On my website at

On Instagram @lairseypaperco

Or by email at