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April 21, 2020

For Couples

What are “Talk About it Tuesdays”?

Talk About it Tuesdays are conversations with my favorite wedding vendors and friends to share a little more about what they offer in the wedding industry. Each and every person I interview is a vendor I’ve worked with, know, and trust.

This series was designed for couple’s who are in the planning process! I recognize there are SO many options when it comes to assembling your perfect vendor team, so I hope these vendor interviews give you a deeper glimpse into the person and team behind each and every business you’re considering hiring for your day.

You can learn more about each vendor through our short video (~10 minute) conversations (linked below and hosted on my IGTV) or in the blog post below!

As you watch this series know I’m cheering you on as you plan your perfect event and wedding day!

P.S. – Have a specific question you want to answered? A specific vendor to be interviewed? Send me a message or leave a comment below and we’ll make it happen!

And now lets head into today’s guest….Adeline, Owner of White Wolf Floral Design!

Talk About It Tuesday with Adeline, Owner of White Wolf Floral Design

Today we have my incredible friend Adeline, Owner of White Wolf Floral Design based here in Athens, Georgia. She is a GEM y’all! I can’t wait for you to dive into today’s chat!

You can either hop on the video below and listen in to our conversation or read the blog post below! Adeline and I share the same spirit and soul about business, antiques, and intentionality behind a wedding day, so I’m thrilled to have her with us today!

First, tell us about you and White Wolf Floral Design.

I’m Adeline Mills, Addie! I live in Athens with my husband and wild little 3 year old boy. My business got started because a friend asked me to do flowers for her wedding and I just loved it! Then another friend asked and I loved it even more! So really my business just sort of snowballed from those events! I love that I get to work with beautiful things to help people celebrate during their happiest moments.

What do you love most about the design process? What inspires you about floral design?

I love color. I love taking beauty from nature and making it useable, but not hindering on the natural beauty. I love loose organic flowers that move. I love a bent stem or any flower that looks as natural as possible in an arrangement…and I love turning all that beauty into useable pieces for an event!

What does the design process look like for couples that want to work with you? How do you tell their story through flowers?

We first start out by going through the logistics and save the details for later. I then like to see what kind of images inspire someone. Maybe its shape, color schemes, mood….I want to see what inspires my clients. Since florals are such a big aesthetic part of the day it’s important that I understand the imagery that my client is going for.

Through all this I am also checking to see if we’re a good fit to work together. I want to ensure that the aesthetic that speaks to them is the same that speaks to me, we have to be on the same page so that I can achieve the overall result the client is looking for.

If you wanted a custom oil painting you wouldn’t hire a watercolorist to do it. That wouldn’t be a good fit or achieve the result you want.

After all that we talk about the logistics a bit more and I send over a proposal that will meet their floral needs for their day!

What questions should potential couples ask a florist to make sure it’s a good fit and working relationship?

More so than questions…just look at your potential florist’s Instagram or website because that is a visual representation of, not exactly what you’ll get, but the style and the quality that you’re going to get. Do your aesthetic research before you even reach out to a potential florist.

After you’ve fallen in love with their work, I think the main thing is to ask: “What do you love?” What is you aesthetic and style?”. Does their response resonate with you? You want someone who can rock what you really want. You want to choose a florist that you can completely trust. You don’t want to work with someone you have to micromanage. So look at their work, talk to them, and go with your gut connection.

Just for fun…what are your favorite flowers? Which flowers inspire you the most?

All my favorite flowers happen to be February flowers and that’s when I got married! 🙂

Poppies – are my #1 favorite

Butterfly ranunculus

I really love any flower that can stand up on its own and have a curved stem because they just feel more organic and natural to me.

I also love daffodils …There are so many heirloom varieties!

But really, my favorite flower can change day to day depending on what the best fit is for the bouquet or arrangement I’m working on.

Because I know you have an old soul like me…what’s your favorite wedding floral story?

Yes! I have several! I always ask my couples if there is anything sentimental they want to express in their floral design or if there are particular flowers they love that we can add in.

I had one bride Lacey who grew up gardening with her grandmother and they loved growing hydrangeas together. I was able find some heirloom hydrangeas that aren’t the typical white round ball, but were more interesting to include in her bouquet and it was so special to her. It was a beautiful memory of her grandmother, and brought back so many of her childhood memories on her wedding day.

I had another bride, Mckenzie where we used part of her mom’s wedding dress to wrap around her bouquet which was incredibly beautiful.

I also had a bride who’s mom had passed away and her dad asked for 35 red roses to be placed on her chair, one for every year they had been married. I also stuck a small red rose in the back of her bouquet that was super hidden as a reminder of her mom on her wedding day.

I actually did the same at my wedding too – I put a little yellow rose in the back of my bouquet for my sister who had passed away. I have since framed my bouquet and I can still see that little yellow rose as a reminder of her.

Whats one piece of marriage advice you’d give to a newly wed/engaged couple?

I feel like one thing that couples do when they first get married is write out this long list of expectations that they have for each other so that they don’t get disappointed. But my husband and I do it differently! We have no expectations of each other.

I expect everything of myself and nothing of him and he does the same. And the greatest thing is that I’ve never been disappointed in him and he’s never been disappointed in me.

I don’t expect him to unload the dishwasher so every time he does it’s a gift.

All the little things he does are a reminder that I get to live with my best friend every day.

We’ve never had a fight or been disappointed in each other. All we see when we look at each other is a gift. I don’t see a list of expectations that he is or is not meeting.

My marriage is the most restful and wonderful part of every single day.

Where’s the best place for people to find you?

Instagram! That’s where I’m at! But also talk to my vendor friends, they know me well!