Quarter 2 Goals + Expectations

April 1, 2020

And like that…it’s Quarter 2! Happy April Friend! I am GLAD you’re here.

Yesterday I spent some time reflecting on Quarter 1…what worked well, what didn’t, what I accomplished, what I need to change, and all the things in between. Before you dive into Quarter 2 with me I recommend checking out yesterday’s post and spending a little time yourself using my 4 reflection questions to assess how Q1 was for you! If you’re anything like me you have to WRITE things down, chew on them, and assess where you’re at (on paper) before moving forward.

P.S. – To get a glimpse of why I’m doing quarter (i.e. – 12 week intentions) goals check out The 12 Week Year. This method of goal setting has been so life giving for me this year!

So here we go on onto Q2 with my…

April – June 12 Week Intentions

* Progress last updated on June 1st!


  • Continue working on creating a solid spiritual routine
  • Celebrate my mom’s birthday!
    • Done!
  • Celebrate my sister’s high school graduation!
    • Kind of…I spent lots of quality time with her recently and I think that counts!
  • Celebrate my brother’s birthday!
    • Done!
  • Celebrate my birthday!
  • Create a life towards total financial freedom and work on paying off my student loans
    • In Progress!
  • Continue an at home strength training routine twice a week
  • Find ways to stay connected to my friends and family. Keep my community strong.


  • Deliver a beautiful Spring wedding
    • Done!
  • Photograph a beautiful engagement session (from a distance)
    • Done!
  • Photograph a small wedding ceremony (from a distance)
    • Done!
  • Attend my Move Mountains retreat (online) in April
    • Done!
  • Attend 2 (online) networking events a month
    • In Progress!
  • Finish refreshing content and copy on the AOP website
    • In Progress!
  • Improve my SEO and ranks on Google
    • In Progress!
  • Create and print a refreshed look book to send vendors and clients
  • Spend time getting clear on how to deliver a new legacy product and service
    • In Progress…and I can’t wait for this one!
  • Beta launch the legacy product!
    • In Progress…and I can’t wait for this one!
  • Continue to deliver and share the monthly AOP Dispatch with YOU! P.S. – Sign up to stay up to date with everything going on here at AOP!
  • Continue to share and improve the newly engaged newsletter!
  • Create some AMAZING FREEBIES for YOU!
  • Present at my local Rising Tide group on creating business systems in June!


  • Work diligently on improving my Matlab skills and analyze my NMR data
    • In Progress!
  • Help with new COVID projects as needed during this time
  • Present my worm work at the online TAGC conference
    • Done!
  • Create a great career development resource to share with other early career scientists at TAGC
    • Done!
  • Address any reviews/adjustments to the JoVE paper and see it published
    • Done!
  • Find postdoc grants to apply for during this quarter
  • Finish up and submit my body size paper
    • In Progress!

So…here we go Quarter 2! Here’s to having a productive, happy, and healthy Quarter 2.

Share with me friends! What are you MOST looking forward to in Q2? Tell me in the comments below.

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