Fun Fridays | My Eno Hammock

April 10, 2020

My Thoughts

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Happy Friday Friend and WELCOME to another #FunFriday !

Fun Fridays are blog posts where I share things I’m loving, life tips, favorite products, or anything else that I’m excited about that week…all bets are off! 

So, welcome to Fun Friday!

This week I’m sharing about…

My Eno Hammock

Goodness…this might sound simple but I got a hammock recently and it’s by far the best thing I’ve done/purchased for myself in a LONG time.

A few weeks ago Joel cleaned out all the leaves and brush under our huge magnolia tree on the side of our house, and it dawned on me that that was the perfect space for a hammock. I’ve been wanting a hammock for a while with no where to hang it and…..with a little cleaning we found it!

We strung up our new hammock and it’s been a source of happiness for me almost every morning and evening. It’s been the best way to start and end each day. This little space ‘away from it all’ has been what I need recently to stay sane, calm, happy, and in touch with nature.

Not only that, but it’s incredibly easy to install which is a huge plus!

So from now on out you can find me under the magnolia tree…or so I hope!

What’s bringing joy into your life this Friday? Share with me in the comments below!