A Note of Encouragement for Cecile + Kyle

April 3, 2020

Oh Ceeecccciiilllle and Kyle,

Happy April 3rd! I know this is a special and bitter sweet day. It’s your original wedding day and while we’ll now be celebrating in 2021, we’re going to make today special and relish in the beautiful moments we can create now. And while I know today is not what you’ve planned here is what I do know:

You both deserve a beautiful wedding day filled love, laughter, support, and so much joy. You two are incredible and are worthy of so much more than what we can give you today. But when your new celebration day comes I absolutely CAN’T WAIT to:

  • See you Cecile dressed up as the most beautiful bride in that gorgeous dress you picked out with that infectious smile on your face.
  • Watch you spend quality time and get pampered with your sisters and mom before the day gets going.
  • Hug you SO tight and laugh with you all day long.
  • See you surrounded by the most colorful blooms that match your personality and spirit.
    • P.S. – anything brightly colored in my life is now designated a “Cecile color”.
  • Watch you both dance the night away with your family and friends and maybe even sneak in some Modern Pin-Ups moves along the way!
  • Watch the classic Georgian Hall and Athens come to life with your friends and family from all over the country.
  • Watch you drive away in that glorious blue getaway car that Kyle has had his heart set on!
  • Listen to all the stories and hear of all the fun you have on your honeymoon.
  • Exchange beautiful vows and wishes for your marriage and future together.
  • And so much more goodness that will surely come!

You two are incredible! You have such high spirits and the most incredible attitude about all that is going on. I can’t believe I am this lucky to have such thoughtful friends and clients in my life.

Happy Wedding Day Cecile and Kyle! Let’s get you married today and celebrate all the way into 2021! I love you friends….and while I can’t hug you when I see you today I’m going to HUG YOU LIKE CRAZY once I can!



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