5 Books You NEED to be reading right now

April 11, 2020

My Thoughts

For as long as I can remember books have been my refuge. During times of uncertainty, frustration, or anything in between I lean into the comfort of books. And right about now I’ve been craving some semblance of direction and hope and went straight to my master list of book notes for help (Yup…I have a list of all my book notes and favorite quotes!). And this list reminded me of the incredible things I’ve read and learned that I need to lean into more right now.

Today I’m sharing the five books that have been REALLY impactful for me during stressful and emotional times in my life and I hope they provide you comfort just as they have for me.

5 Books You Need to be reading right now

01 | Self-Compassion | The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself

This book has been a saving grace for me. Self-compassion is something I’ve struggled with throughout my adult life, so when this book was recommended to me I was all over it. With all that has been going on I’ve had my moments of frustration and shortcomings and knew I needed to take a step back and do a little reflecting.

I picked Self-Compassion back up this month and goodness…I need this book now more than ever. So if you feel like your self-worth is currently flying around like a ping-pong ball pick up this book. It’s full of practical advice, journal questions, and steps to help you become more caring and compassionate towards yourself right now.

Learn more about this book and the author here!

02 | Journey to the Heart | Daily Meditations on the Path to Freeing Your Soul

Journey to the Heart is a book full of 1-2 page daily meditations, one for each day of the year, that are well thought out and often put into words that match exactly how I feel that day.

Have you ever found a book that you connect with on that level? Journey to the Heart is that book for me. If you’re not a big reader, but are looking for short intentional reads during this time, this would be the perfect book for you!

Learn more about Journey to the Heart here!

03 | Courageous Woman | Live Your Inner Power

I read this book ~ 5 years ago and found it to be so powerful for me. This book focuses on building power through eight foundational practices of inner transformation – listen to your wake up call, practice acceptance, choose consciously, release the past, transform grief, create healthy boundaries, live through the heart and return inward. This book is filled with great knowledge and lots of guided reflection exercises. So if you’re into that…this is for you!

Learn more about Courageous Woman here!

04 | Emotionally Healthy Spirituality | It’s Impossible to be Spiritually Mature While Remaining Emotionally Immature

This book is all focused on the contemplative practices in spirituality. This book really taught me how to dig a little deeper into what I was feeling about my own spirituality. There are some great journal questions and accompanying inner work practices in this book. If you’re looking to dig more into some of your emotional habits and do a little more work this area this is a great read.

Learn more about Emotionally Healthy Spirituality here!

05 | Walden

This is a great classic! Walden is composed of Henry David Thoreau’s attempt to live by the principles and philosophies he believed in. This book accounts his day-to-day activities, observations, and undertakings to live in the wilderness. This read helps me feel more connected to nature and I have a feeling some of you may be needing some nature inspiration in your life right about now!

Learn more about Walden here!

Have books you’re loving and connecting to right now? Share the title(s) in the comments below! I just might add it to my next reading list!

P.S. – These are just books I love and relate to! I don’t make any money off the links here. I just hope these books serve you well and help build up your emotional toolkit during uncertain times and beyond.