14 Systems I use to Organize my Life

April 6, 2020

14 systems I use to organize my life

If you’ve been a friend for a while you know I’m ALL about organization and finding ways to make the most efficient use of my time. So today I’m sharing with you my … ways to stay organized! I hope these tools, tips, and tricks help you save time and be more productive each day.

01 | Toggl

I use Toggl to track my time. When I started using Toggl I realized I am actually working much more than I thought I was and it has helped remind me how I need to restructure my time to work on the most important tasks first.

02 | Powersheets

Powersheets – I have used these goal setting sheets for years to track my yearly, monthly, and quarterly goals. Just writing them out on paper is huge for me to stay accountable to intentions I’ve set.

03 | Elegant Excellence Journal

Elegant Excellence Journal – This is my NEW favorite journal and goal setting guide….in my eyes it has WAY surpassed the Powersheets I’ve been using for years. I’ve shared all about WHY I love this journal here! I highly recommend this journal for anyone no matter what your goals are or the season of life you’re in.

04 | GoogleDrive

GoogleDrive – I don’t know where I’d be without GoogleDrive. This is how I share many client documents, notes with others, organize data, share calendars, and so much more!

05 |Dropbox

Dropbox – I use Dropbox to share data, backup files, and store important documents.

06 |ClickUp

ClickUp – This is my one stop place where I dump thoughts and ideas I have throughout the day, write out my workflows and processes, keep track of my to-do lists you name it! This is my go-to organization platform that is like the umbrella system for everything I do.

07 | Unenroll Me

Unenroll Me – Now this one just helps me stay a bit more sane and organize my inbox better. This site goes through your inbox and allows you to unsubscribe from all email lists you no longer want to be on. I recommend doing this once every few months…because those emails have a way of sneaking into your inbox even when unsubscribing! Or is that just me?!?!

08 | Planoly

Planoly – I use this app to schedule all my social media posts (Instagram and Facebook) with intention ahead of time. Using this app I can lay out months of content at a time and minimize my time on social media which is key to staying both present in my community and productive in my work.

09 | Tailwind

Tailwind – I use this app to schedule my Pinterest posts and graphics in batches (i.e. – months at a time). This is helpful to ensure I am still circulating content but not spending too much time doing it myself.

10 | Facebook Newsfeed Eradicator

Facebook Newsfeed Eradicator – This plugin helps eliminate your Facebook newsfeed and unnecessary distractions or things you don’t want to see on the platform. If you’re like me you might feel like you can’t delete your Facebook, but you want to eliminate your time and what you see on the platform. If that’s you…this is the plug in for you!

11 | Brain.fm

Brain.fm – I’ve talked about this app before and I’ll share it here again because it’s a favorite! This site plays functional music to help you relax or focus. I use it throughout my day to do focused work.

12 | Voxer

Voxer – I use this app to share voice memos with friends and coworkers. I find it to be helpful to share necessary information with others without getting sucked into texts…plus it often takes me way less time to talk something out than to write it out which is great. I often share Voxer messages with others while I’m walking or in between tasks.

13 | Wunderlust / Microsoft To-Do

Wunderlist / Microsoft To-Do – This is a great list making app! I have now switched over to ClickUp, but this is still a great resource for many!

14 | Slack

Slack – This is how I communicate with all my coworkers. It’s an incredible platform to easily connect with others, share files, and has great searching capabilities. Slack is easily the thing I use the most on this list!

Do you have a favorite tool/resource you can’t live without? If so, share it in the comments below! I’m always open to learning about new tools.

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