Reflections on Quarter 1

March 31, 2020

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Well friends…here we are….wrapping up Quarter 1!

To say we’re ending Quarter 1 differently than any of us could have imagined is an understatement. However, I believe in remaining positive, refining goals, figuring out what I CAN control, and moving forward with grace…or at least try to!

Before I dive right into my Quarter 2 goals tomorrow I want to take a moment to assess and reflect on a few things:

  1. What did I cross off my Q1 list?
  2. What did/didn’t work well in Q1?
  3. How did I feel in Q1?
  4. How do I want to feel in Q2?

P.S. – These are the 4 questions I ask myself at the end of every month/quarter to figure out where I’m at.

01 | What did I cross off my Q1 list?

Here’s what I set out to tackle in Q1 and notes on where I’m at in that process. After going back through this list, I am pretty pleased at what happened in Q1 and what I’ve accomplished.


  • Create a solid spiritual routine (making progress on this one with my coach Diana, but not exactly where I’d like to be)
  • Plan some incredible European adventures with my mom! (Out of my control: Due to the corona virus this trip is cancelled…maybe postponed.)
  • Create a life towards total financial freedom and work on paying off my student loans (Didn’t work on this in Q1.)
  • Start strength training (Yes! Did strength training with my friend Stephanie twice a week and am attempting to keep up with that during my new schedule)
  • Keep dancing with The Modern Pin-Ups and The Tap Company! (Out of my control: Yes, I was dancing with my gal pals until a few weeks ago. We’ve stopped dancing/performing till further notice.)


  • Publish JoVE paper (It’s submitted. Currently waiting for feedback, so one step closer to published.)
  • Delegate more of my benchwork tasks to others so I can get more data analysis and writing done (Out of my control: Yes, I started to delegate tasks, will work on delegating more once we’re all back together as a lab.)
  • Welcome new GSA Early Career Leaders into the program and implement new structure (Yes! We have a great crew this year.)
  • Search and apply for travel funding for Spring/Summer conferences (Yes, I did apply for all kinds of funding. Instead of in person conferences, many have moved online so funding isn’t as necessary right now.)
  • Schedule Spring committee meeting (Yes, I scheduled and had my meeting in April.)


  • Focus on more in person connections in my business
    • Attend 2 new networking events a month (Yes! I had been going to in person events and am now keeping up with online events.)
  • Refresh content and copy on the AOP website (Yes, I’m almost done, I still have a few areas I’d like to give a facelift.)
  • Create and print a refreshed look book to send vendors and clients (Nope….didn’t do this! BUT I think I can knock this out early in Q2.)
  • Spend time getting clear on how to deliver a new legacy product and service (Yes, I have been working on this a good amount. My time has been allocated differently than I originally anticipated, but want to work more on this in Q2.)
  • Work with my new brand manager to deliver even better content to you all! (Yes, I have been working on this and we’re working through how to continuously improve things for you and all my clients…never stop growing!)

02 | What did/didn’t work well in Q1?

What worked WELL?

  • Doing deep focused work. I worked hard at focusing my attention on the right things and got some big things checked off my list.
  • Showing up. I haven’t shown up perfectly in every area of my life, but I’m showing up and following through with all my commitments.
  • Creating space for what matters.
  • Being able to adapt and evolve my work based on the season of life I’m in.
  • Have been setting better boundaries in my work and personal life.

What DIDN’T work?

  • Didn’t set aside enough time for new work to grow into new areas of my business. I have realized I need to do new creative work in the mornings and I need to prioritize that part of my day better.
  • Haven’t worked on addressing my student loan financial plan as much as I’d like.

03 | How did I feel in Q1?

Overall, I felt REALLY good in quarter 1. I set clear guidelines and boundaries for myself and worked hard to stick to them. I finished up some projects that needed to end (i.e. submitting papers) and started some new adventures (i.e. started the AOP Dispatch, newly engaged email sequence, and prepped some content to make my client experience even better). I spent more time reading, writing, and cleaning up my digital life. I continued working on my photography education…I always believe in striving to improve myself and my business no matter where I’m at. So…Q1 was a success!

So…pop the confetti! I think I’ll take a bath bomb bath and light a candle tonight to celebrate and end Q1 well!

04 | How do I want to feel in Q2?

While Q2 is starting off differently than expected, there is no reason it can’t be a fruitful quarter no matter the conditions.

In Quarter 2 I want to feel….

  • Calm in the storm.
  • Confident in myself, my skills, and where I’m at in my journey.
  • Excited about the direction Amanda Olivia Photography is going/growing in and what’s in store for future clients.
  • Joyful and grateful about what I have and where I’m at.
  • Intentional about the life I’m living.
  • Embrace, welcome, and foster the right relationships in this season.

I’m thankful for an overwhelmingly great Q1 and I’m ready to take on this new season no matter how unpredictable.

Share with me friend, how was your quarter 1? What can you be grateful for right now? What worked/didn’t work for you this past quarter?

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