Q1 Updates + March Goals

March 2, 2020

Cultivate What Matters Quarter 1 Goals

Happy March!

If you’ve been following along you know I started off 2020 by reading The 12 Week Year and subsequently made and shared my Quarter 1 Goals! Overall my Q1 goals are all about focusing on what matters and working hard to make a career and life I love.

Quarter 1 Updates

January and February were GOOD. Both were full of efforts in trying to do things WELL (not perfect).

Here’s my progress on Quarter 1 so far:


  • Create a solid spiritual routine
    • There’s been effort here…still a work in progress
  • Plan some incredible European adventures with my mom!
  • Create a life towards total financial freedom and work on paying off my student loans
  • Start strength training
    • Still strength training and making progress
  • Keep dancing with The Modern Pin-Ups and The Tap Company!
    • Of course! I’m still dancing!


  • Publish JoVE paper
    • Close…we’re so close!
  • Delegate more of my benchwork tasks to others so I can get more data analysis and writing done
    • Working on cross training others on the work I do in the lab
  • Welcome new GSA Early Career Leaders into the program and implement new structure
    • DONE!
  • Search and apply for travel funding for Spring/Summer conferences
    • DONE! I applied for a handful of funding, now we wait to hear back.
  • Schedule Spring committee meeting
    • DONE! It’s this month…so lots of work to do still!


  • Focus on more in person connections in my business
    • Attend 2 new networking events a month
      • DONE! I attended in person events in January and February.
  • Refresh content and copy on the AOP website
    • About half way done with this.
  • Create and print a refreshed look book to send vendors and clients
  • Spend time getting clear on how to deliver a new legacy product and service
    • In progress!
  • Work with my new brand manager to deliver even better content to you all!
    • In progress!

So with those updates…I’m still thinking of my goals in a 12 week frame of mind and here is how I’m focusing on them in March:

My Main March Goals

  • Weekly strength training 3x a week
  • Photograph 1 wedding and 2 engagement sessions
  • Submit my JoVe manuscript
  • Create a quiet morning routine
  • Double check content updates on AOP website
  • Start monthly newsletter
  • Contact album companies about legacy product design
  • Make travel plans with mom
  • Finish my AOP look book (I didn’t get to this in February)
  • Research consolidation and different repayment options for my student loans and continue paying off my highest interest loan

Here’s to a BIG March and GOOD end to Q1!

What are your Q1 and March goals friend? Tell me in the comments below!

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