4 Reflections from a Year of Living Together

March 2, 2020

It’s been exactly ONE year since Joel and I moved in together! We spent the weekend reflecting and talking about it…well, I brought it up a lot and Joel kindly went along with it. 🙂

And when we summed up this past year we both thought…it’s been easy.

This year has been seamless and has worked so well. I was a bit hesitant as everyone says moving in with your significant other is a huge adjustment and is tough. But I believe we really came into living together with the right mindset that has made a huge difference. So I wanted to share…

4 reflections on a year of living together

Well…it’s really like 4 ways we’ve consistently showed up for each other this past year.

01 | Spend uninterrupted time together

For us this looks like lots of walks outside, hiking, and eating meals together. We try and do all these things with no phones so we’re present in the conversation and the environment we’re in. I can’t stress the no phone parts enough. I’ve realized this time is where we have our best conversations.

02 | Show love through acts of service

I know when I do small things like sweep, dust, and make the bed that Joel notices and it makes him happy. When he makes me lunches and takes Peabody on walks I notice. Finding the small things we can do to serve each other on a daily basis goes a long way.

03 | Share an event calendar together

We have a dry erase calendar in our kitchen where we track major events in each other’s schedules, share goals, and give updates. This calendar has been a game changer for us. A physical calendar in our kitchen that we frequently pass allows us to regularly check in with each other. This has eliminated lots of scheduled miscommunication in our home.

04 | Share 10 daily “gratefuls”

This is something we’ve done our whole relationship and I’m a firm believer this has created a lot of unity in our lives. We simply share 10 things we are grateful for that day with each other. This may sound simple and not worth while, BUT I encourage you to try it if you haven’t. These “gratefuls” often lead to great conversations, worries we’re having, things we’re excited about, etc.

Now, here’s to an even better year two! I hope these are tips you can implement into your own home and bring more joy to your relationship! If you have something that works well in your relationship, share it below! I’d love to hear.

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