Why I’m Interested in Ancestry Research & You Should Be Too

February 7, 2020

Legacies Untold

Every day you have lived, you have made unique contributions to the world that no one else in history could have done. Your life experiences have infinite value—to your loved ones, to future generations, possibly even to strangers you’ve never met. Yet the percentage of people who make an effort to capture their unique life stories and share them with others in a lasting way is quite small.

Let’s change that!

Let’s work on crafting your lasting legacy.

If you’re still not convinced here are my 4 reasons you should care about your ancestry:

01 | Your life’s stories and memories are worth preserving

You have valuable stories, memories, culture, and all kinds of components about your life that are worth preserving! YOU alone are worth it. Whether you are single, married, or a parent, YOUR story matters. And I guarantee you’ll learn so much about yourself along the way!

02 | If you don’t do it, nobody else will either…

Let’s just be honest, how many people in your family are going to take the intentional time to do research on your family’s history?

Well, if your family is anything like mine, it’s just me and my Aunt Judy. You can’t assume that someone else will do it or that you’ll eventually make time for it when you retire. Start on the project now while you have time to collect stories, interview family members, and put the time needed into this great project. News flash – you’ll never have more time and the time will never be right. Start now.

03 | If you’re American you likely know very little about your family history

Since we’re (well most of us) all immigrants to this country we likely only know a little bit about our genealogy beyond a few generations. Sound familiar to anyone else?!?! Sure is for me! Well let’s take time to get an understanding of who our family is beyond 3 – 5 generations.

04 | Learn about your family traditions and keep them going in future generations

Who knows…through all this research you may discover some lost family traditions, pull more tradition into your nuclear and extended families, and continue to carry on past family traditions!

“The work of gathering and sharing eternal family keepsakes is a personal responsibility. It cannot be passed off or given to another.
A life that is not documented is a life that within a generation or two will largely be lost to memory. What a tragedy this can be in the history of a family. Knowledge of our ancestors shapes us and instills within us values that give direction and meaning to our lives.”

– Dennis B. Neuenschwander

P.S. – I’m not Mormon, or a follower of Dennis B. Neuenschwander and his principles, but this quote sums up my feelings about ancestry so well!

Now that I’ve (hopefully) convinced you to dig into your personal genealogy and legacy let’s get started! And I know, I know…you’re overwhelmed on where to start!

I got you…stay tuned! I’m about to help you overcome your legacy obstacles!