Q1 Updates + February Goals

February 2, 2020

Happy February!

I started off 2020 by reading The 12 Week Year and subsequently sharing my Quarter 1 Goals! This year I’m really putting effort on focusing on what matters and working hard to make a career and life I love.

Quarter 1 Update

January was GOOD. It was a month of focus and working towards being more of an essentialist. It was a month of trying to put my efforts towards bigger picture goals and doing things WELL.

Here’s my progress on Quarter 1 so far:


  • Create a solid spiritual routine
    • I’ve been trying different ways to incorporate more quiet time into my life and different spiritual principles into my week to find more calm in the storm of the everyday.
  • Plan some incredible European adventures with my mom!
    • Not yet…but I’m excited to do this!
  • Create a life towards total financial freedom and work on paying off my student loans
    • I’m working on this…right now I’m educating myself more on how to move forward and what decisions I need to make that will be best for my life and career.
  • Start strength training
    • I’ve started strength training and it’s been good, but goodness I am REALLY sore. Here’s to hopping that by the end of Q1 I’ll be able to get through a session without being in incredible pain.
  • Keep dancing with The Modern Pin-Ups and The Tap Company!
    • Of course I’m still dancing with my gals, these women are one of my greatest joys.


  • Publish JoVE paper
    • Working on this! This is my top priority. I’m putting a lot of focus on this in February.
  • Delegate more of my benchwork tasks to others so I can get more data analysis and writing done
    • I’m definitely working to strike a balance so that I can a) publish the work I’ve done that needs to get out, b) graduate, and c) find a good next-step career in science.
  • Welcome new GSA Early Career Leaders into the program and implement new structure
    • Done! Our new members are here and getting started into the program. We’re now working on a project we’ll be sharing at a conference in April!
  • Search and apply for travel funding for Spring/Summer conferences
    • I’ve applied for a few funding opportunities. There are still a few more applications I need to put together this month.
  • Schedule Spring committee meeting
    • Done! Now I need to get everything together to prep.


  • Focus on more in person connections in my business
    • Attend 2 new networking events a month
    • Yes! I actually attended 4 in January and have some good events planned for February too!
  • Refresh content and copy on the AOP website
    • I’m about half way done with this! I need to fix a few galleries, update testimonials, and set up my email list.
  • Create and print a refreshed look book to send vendors and clients
    • I’ve written most of the copy for this, I now need to make it beautiful and ready to print!
  • Spend time getting clear on how to deliver a new legacy product and service
    • This is a work in progress and is going to take a bit more time. I know what I want everything to look like…now its a matter of making it happen!
  • Work with my new brand manager to deliver even better content to you all!
    • This is going so well so far! It has been such a help and takes so much pressure off me.

So with those updates…I’m still thinking of my goals in a 12 week frame of mind and here is how I’m focusing on them in February:

My Main February Goals

  • Weekly strength training 2x a week
  • Present at an online science series
  • Submit my JoVe manuscript…I think with a lot of focus this can happen this month!
  • Finish my new AOP look book
  • Research consolidation and different repayment options for my student loans and continue paying off my highest interest loan

Here’s to a GREAT February! I’m ready to continue putting effort and traction behind these goals.

What are your Q1 and February goals friend? Tell me in the comments below!

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