8 Things to Expect During Your Wedding Day

February 3, 2020

For Couples

We’ve already talked a bit about what to expect during your engagement session and I’m sure you’ve already nailed it, and have a beautiful gallery you love! Now, we’re onto the main event…YOUR wedding day!

Wedding days come with so many emotions and worries, and let’s be honest, your photography SHOULDN’T contribute to any of that! At AOP we believe in great communication, planning, and service to make your day incredible and your wedding photography joyful.

Here’s what you can expect from me and the AOP Team on YOUR wedding day:

01 | Arrival + a BIG Hello!

The first thing I do when I arrive is find you and give you a BIG hug! It’s your wedding day and we need to take a moment to get giddy about that! I take some time to say hello to the bridal party, see how everyone is doing, and get a sense for where we’re at in the day.

This is a time I take to settle in, help with anything you might need, introduce you to the rest of the AOP team, chat with the other vendors, and get prepped for your day!

02 | I’ve got that timeline down

Prior to even arriving at your wedding I’ve had conversations with my team about your timeline, what’s important to you, family portraits, and everything in between! We each have a copy of your timeline and all the details we covered in your wedding questionnaire.

This is key because we are already prepped and know what’s going on and where to be and when. So you don’t have to worry about a thing or look at any timelines! We’ve got you covered!

03 | Details, Details, Details

I’ll grab all your most important details and go get settled in a spot with great light, leave you to finish getting ready, and get all our detail photos taken care of. I’ll start styling all your most important family heirlooms and details and start getting all the venue and landscape details as well!

I LOVE this part of the day because all these photos help tie together your beautiful story.

P.S. – If you can compile all your details ahead of time and place them in one corner of your getting ready room I can easily sneak out with them without bothering you or your bridal party!

04 | Split and Conquer

Before you see your significant other, my second photographer and I will split up so we can be with each of you during your getting ready moments and while you spend time with your family and best friends.

These are the moments to embrace before everything gets going!

We’ll also split up during several moments during your day to make sure we get full coverage of your event. This may happen again during bridal party portraits, cocktail hour, family portraits, or other moments where we need to be in two places at once.

05 | Serve you and your guests well

I believe that I am MORE than a photographer during your wedding day.

My team and I will do what it takes to make sure you and your guests are comfortable, happy, and that everything is taken care of. We’re there to escort you under umbrellas if it’s raining, help grandma get to her seat, grab water to make sure you stay hydrated, bustle your dress, pin on boutonni√®res, wrangle family members, help with family conflict, dry off your flowers so they don’t leave wet marks on your dress, and the list goes on…

The point is…we’re here for you! We want you to have an INCREDIBLE day filled with the best memories. And we know that serving you and your family in these little ways really adds up.

06 | Follow the timeline we crafted

There are SO many elements my team and I are photographing throughout your wedding day that we have already crafted the ideal timeline to not only craft beautiful images for you, but to make sure you have the day of your dreams.

We’re already prepped to be where we need to be to capture all your moments on that timeline so you can just show up and enjoy yourself!

07 | Send you off with the warmest goodbye

Once we capture your getaway we’ll wish you the warmest CONGRATULATIONS! But this isn’t a true goodbye of course because we’ll be talking very soon to go through your wedding gallery. Eeeekkk!

Can you believe it!?!?! You just got MARRIED!

08 | Make sure everything is organized and pack up

Once you’re packed tightly and off in your get away car, we’ll head back into your venue and touch base with all the vendors. We’ll see how we can help the venue, planner, florists, band, and anyone else pack and clean up for the night. We’ll also check in with your family and bridal party to make sure all your personal belongings are packed and organized. Once everyone is good to go we pack up our gear and head out! And…that’s a wrap!

Overall our biggest goal at AOP is to serve you well, capture your day intentionally, and make sure you have an incredible day! We believe that these 8 things will help us do just that!

Now that you know how we work….let’s get you married!