What to Expect DURING Your Engagement Session

January 25, 2020

For Couples

Congrats on your engagement friend!!! While this is a busy season, I encourage you to take the time to slow down and really celebrate!

Really…slow down and think about all the incredible things that are happening in your life and your relationship right now.

One of my favorite ways to celebrate your engagement is to have an engagement session together! I think of engagement sessions like “mini dates”. This is a special time that we have carved out to celebrate YOU!

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But today I’m sharing all about what you can expect DURING your engagement session to help you mentally and physically prepare for your session!

01 | Help with any last minute prep

Sometimes clients show up with many outfits, questions, props, etc. and need help sifting through all this! That is totally welcome. We will have already chatted before your engagement session in your “Getting to Know You” questionnaire, but sometimes it helps to talk things out in person.

Therefore, if you want to bring a few extra outfits and want to talk through the details at the start of your session that is great. I can help you make outfit decisions, talk about how and when we’ll use your props, etc.

We’ll make sure we’re all on the same page before we actually get into your session.

02 | We’ll talk and just catch up for a few minutes

Once we’re on the same page, we’ll take some time to ease into the process. We’ll chat about how things are going and take a few minutes to walk to our first location.

This gives us time to get settled in, and for me to get a good idea of how you move and act as a couple when not behind the camera.

P.S. – I’ll already have scoped out all the spots we’ll use, so you can just arrive, go with the flow, and enjoy the process! I do my homework to find the spots that have the best light and overall look we want for your session to create your beautiful images and a seamless experience.

03 | Walk through EXACTLY what to do

Once we arrive at our first location, I’ll give you some loose direction and talk you through what you’re going to be doing. This allows you to have all the direction and feedback you need so you’re not seconding guessing yourself. I call it “loose direction”, because while I’ll guide you through some ways to naturally move and pose yourself, I want you to also feel like YOU.

I never want anyone to feel stiff or uncomfortable. Now, you may have to push yourself out of your comfort zone a bit, as you don’t normally have a camera following you around in your daily life, BUT you don’t want to be thinking “we would never ever show affection like this”.

So, it’s really more of a collaborative process where I’m walking you through some steps, you’re performing them, and I’m assessing your interactions. I’m always assessing and moving through what’s working best for you as a couple and what looks best on you. We do this by doing a lot of movement and interaction in your session…so get ready for a mini workout. 😉

04 | There will be breaks

Since I shoot in film, I naturally take breaks in between rolls of film to change out what’s in my camera. These little breaks totally improve the engagement session experience. They give us all a chance to chat a bit more, for you to take a breather between frames, and allows me to see how you all interact naturally when a camera isn’t staring at you…which helps me get ideas for what’s going to work best for you and your partner!

05 | Feedback! Feedback! Feedback!

I communicate the whole time we are together. You will never guess if “you’re doing it right or wrong”. I will help you! Trust me, I will not let you go through your session looking crazy. I will do everything I can to help you look your best behind the camera and that means lots of communication, good direction, and feedback every step of the way.

06 | Change outfits/locations

Often my couples change outfits to have two looks during their session and sometimes we go to two different locations as well! Depending on what we decide works best for your engagement session, there may be a small break right in the middle of the session to change, travel, and arrive at a new location.

Once at the new location, or in new outfits, you’ll be PROS at this whole engagement session thing! We’ll walk back through the process we’ve already established, just in a new outfit and in a new location.

07 | Wrap it up

Once I’m confident we’ve captured your session well and have accomplished everything we set out to do, we’ll wrap up and head back to our cars to head out. We’ll chat about when to expect your engagement gallery and next steps.

We then all anxiously wait for your film to be processed so we can see the magic we just created!

And that’s it! Your engagement session SHOULD be fun! So get excited!

P.S. – My biggest tip is to show up, trust the process, and trust your photographer! You’re in good hands! I treat engagement sessions more like a “mini date” more than anything. This is a special moment and time you can have with your partner, so embrace it! It will be fun!