Fun Friday| Tiny Doors ATL

January 31, 2020

Happy Friday Friend and WELCOME to another #FunFriday !

Fun Fridays are blog posts where I share things I’m loving, life tips, favorite products, or anything else that I’m excited about that week…all bets are off! 

So welcome to Fun Friday!

Today I’m sharing something that just brings me JOY….Tiny Doors ATL! Tiny Doors ATL are an Atlanta-based art project. Karen Anderson Singer, the artist, has designed and placed these cute little 7-inch doors all over Atlanta and surrounding communities. They’re free to visit and just plain fun. It’s just something simple, fun, and brings a smile to everyone’s face.

Every time I’m in Atlanta I pull up the Tiny Doors ATL map and see if there are any new little doors I can visit that day! I’ve visited ~ 10 and have many more to find.

So if you’re ever in Atlanta, go look for some of the Tiny Doors! They’re guaranteed to bring a little happiness to your day and they’re in some of my favorite spots to visit in Atlanta, so it’s a win win!

I hope these Tiny Doors bring you a tiny bit of happiness this Friday!

Have a great weekend Friend!

P.S. – Share with me in the comments below some of the hidden gems you love exploring in your hometown. Maybe I can visit them when I come to your city!

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