7 Important Questions to Ask BEFORE Booking your Wedding Photographer

January 18, 2020

For Couples

A few posts ago I shared tips on How to Choose the Right Wedding Photographer for you! So, now that you have a narrowed list of candidates that you’re confident and excited about, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page and have good communication going into your big day!

It’s critical that you know exactly what to expect from your wedding photographer and when to ensure you have a seamless wedding experience.

While all wedding photographers do things a bit differently, there are some core questions I would ask anyone you are interested in hiring and working with:

01 | Can you walk me through from beginning to end what a typical wedding day looks like working with you?

I ask this because I want to visualize what it would be like to work with this person. I want to be sure that they are going to take control on my wedding day, and allow me to relax fully with family and friends without worrying about where I need to be and when. I want to know what their process is like. I’m a highly organized person and if my photographer isn’t…there will be problems!

Different brides want different things, so just listen and see if your photographers style and flow matches yours.

02 | What happens if your equipment fails? Do you have backups? Can you assure us you have backup equipment?

You only have one wedding day, so you want to be sure your wedding day is photographed beautifully NO. MATTER. WHAT. Ensure that they have a Second Photographer with them and that both photographers have backup cameras with them. By having a second photographer and many cameras on hand you’ll know that you’ve got your bases covered.

03 | Have you worked at my wedding venue before?

Now, don’t get me wrong a good wedding photographer will do an incredible job at any venue. If they haven’t worked at my wedding venue, that’s totally okay! However, I like ask because if they have worked there, I’d like to see some galleries of those weddings.

P.S. – By looking at some galleries of a wedding at your venue you can kind of see what you like and don’t like aesthetically and organize accordingly.

04 | Will you help me with my wedding timeline?

This is SO important! As a film wedding photographer it is imperative that we communicate about your timeline and understand what our light situation is in all scenarios.

By going through your timeline we will also communicate how much time different aspects of your day will take from getting ready to family portraits to planning the perfect exit.

Note | A big part of wedding photography, especially for film wedding photographers, is all about LIGHT. Having your photographer deeply help you on your timeline is key!

05 | Can you explain to me exactly what comes in your wedding photography collection(s)?

Since each photographer structures things differently, you want to ask what is included in your wedding collection. You want to ensure that you fully understand what each line item means and if it will best suit your needs as a couple.

06 | What is your policy if you are injured, ill, or cannot end up photographing my wedding day?

Make sure your photographer has a backup plan! In my contract I guarantee that if I, for whatever reason, could not make a wedding day that I would ensure another photographer (that I trust and love of course) would be there in my place to capture your day. Ensure as you talk to your potential wedding photographer that they have something like this written into their contract!

07 | What happens after our wedding? What can we expect?

Talk about the post-production process upfront! This way you know what to expect and can set your expectations accordingly. Talk about how long it will be till you get your gallery. Talk about products (i.e. albums and prints). Talk about how and where you’ll access your images, etc. Having these conversations is SO helpful to set your expectations and keep communication open and clear.

As you interview someone, check in with your gut! I’m all about that gut feeling…so if you feel like it’s person for you, go with it!

I’m Cheering You on! Happy Planning Friend!