12 Week Intentions |Q1

January 6, 2020

Happy NEW YEAR Friends! New beginnings are always full of so much excitement, but this year feels a little special and different! I have a lot of momentum going into this year so I’m pumped about what is in store!

2019 Recap

Before digging into new year goals I always like to reflect and recap what’s happened to make sure I’m on the right path. While I can’t sum up ALL of 2019 here, here are the 5 most impactful recaps from my personal and professional live(s):



  • Attended and presented at several incredible scientific meetings and conferences
  • Created a new sample collection pipeline to achieve our project goals
  • Completed a 7 month-long experiment and sample collection
  • Joined an Early Career Committee with the Genetics Society of America
  • Made lots of progress towards publications I’m now working on this year


  • Participated in my first mastermind
  • Photographed many incredible couples on their big days!
  • Started offering AOP Heirloom Products to clients
  • Got almost every wedding photographed published (just a few left to submit)!
  • Grew my social media and email networks

2019 was a great AND really hard year in many ways. There were lots of personal and professional losses behind the scenes. There were lots of wins and growth too. Overall, I’m ready for new change and have a lot more clarity going into 2020 than I did in 2019!

January – March 12 Week Intentions

Usually I’d start off a new year with yearly goals, but this year I’m approaching things a bit different! I’ve been reading The 12 Week Year with my Move Mountains Friends and it’s CHANGED the way I think about goal setting and getting things done. I’m about half-way through the book and will share ALL about it once I’m finished, but what I’ve learned (and relate to) so far is…12 months allows enough time to pass that often our goals don’t feel urgent enough to take action on.

If you instead make 12-week goals and focus on just the next 12 weeks, and treat them as a year in themselves, you’ll treat your goals with urgency! You’ll take more action. There’s much more to it than that, but that’s the jist!

And I’m always open to trying new things and finding what works best…so we’re giving it a try!

So, here are my 12 week goals (January – March):


  • Create a solid spiritual routine
  • Plan some incredible European adventures with my mom!
  • Create a life towards total financial freedom and work on paying off my student loans
  • Start strength training
  • Keep dancing with The Modern Pin-Ups and The Tap Company!


  • Publish JoVE paper
  • Delegate more of my benchwork tasks to others so I can get more data analysis and writing done
  • Welcome new GSA Early Career Leaders into the program and implement new structure
  • Search and apply for travel funding for Spring/Summer conferences
  • Schedule Spring committee meeting


  • Focus on more in person connections in my business
    • Attend 2 new networking events a month
  • Refresh content and copy on the AOP website
  • Create and print a refreshed look book to send vendors and clients
  • Spend time getting clear on how to deliver a new legacy product and service
  • Work with my new brand manager to deliver even better content to you all!

The first 12 weeks of 2020 are looking great. Happy 2020 Friends!

Share your top 2020 goal below! I’d love to cheer you on this year.

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