5 Reasons to add Rehearsal Dinner Coverage

December 2, 2019

Rehearsal dinners are a time of reconnection, the start of a celebration, and LOTS of excitement and love! Rehearsal dinners are the start of your wedding weekend and are worth documenting! There are so many reasons I encourage my couples to get rehearsal dinner photography coverage, but we’ll keep it to just my top 5 reasons here. 🙂

01 | Document your memories with family and friends who have traveled near and far to be there for your wedding weekend

A rehearsal dinner provides additional time to spend with family and friends who have travelled far to attend your wedding and spend a wonderful wedding filled weekend with you. Adding photography coverage during your rehearsal dinner allows you to have portraits and candids with close family and friends documenting your incredible weekend together.

02 | Get updated professional portraits of you with your significant other, family, and friends in more casual attire

When was the last time you had professional portraits taken with your close family and friends? Use your rehearsal dinner coverage to get those updated portraits during one of your happiest seasons.

03 | Speeches, toasts, and many intimate words are exchanged at rehearsal dinners – be sure to document those cherished moments!

Parents, grandparents, and best friends often give speeches at rehearsal dinners. I have honestly heard the BEST speeches during rehearsal dinners where everyone feels a bit more relaxed in a more intimate setting. Photography coverage at your rehearsal dinner is an opportunity to document these great speeches, slideshows, and gift exchanges.

04 | Use this as a time to photograph your most important personal wedding details that you’ve spent so much time curating

You’ve spent months collecting, curating, and crafting your most meaningful details that help tell your story – so let’s make sure we document your most meaningful details. By adding on rehearsal dinner coverage it gives me additional time to curate, organize, and document your details. By doing this the day before your wedding I can ensure optimal time to style and photograph your details and thus have even more time to spend with you on your wedding day documenting your most natural moments.

05 | Allow me to meet your family and bridal party ahead of time making the wedding day just that much smoother

When your friends and family have the opportunity to meet me the day before the wedding it allows them to get to know who I am and become more comfortable with my photography style and how I work. This helps close family and bridal parties feel even more comfortable and confident heading into your wedding day!

Adding rehearsal dinner coverage to your wedding photography package adds additional value and coverage to your love story. To add rehearsal dinner coverage to your wedding weekend send me a quick email at hello@amandaoliviaphotography.com to get started!

Happy Planning Friend!

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