Planning to Propose? 7 Ways to secretly get her ring size

October 13, 2019

You’re ready to propose?!?! Congrats! I know you must be excited, nervous, and all the emotions in between. Picking out a ring can be a lot and then making sure you get the right size….there are lots of things that go into this whole ring buying process! Today I’m sharing with you a few things that can do to SECRETLY figure out her ring size and ease some of your nerves.

01 | Borrow one of her other rings

This one requires a little bit of sneaking around, but can be one of the best ways to get an accurate ring size. Take note of which rings she wears on her ring finger (not the other fingers!) and sneak it off to the jeweler with you. They’ll be able to get a ring size from your reference. Once you’re done, just sneak it back into her jewelry box. Be careful though…she can’t notice it is missing!

NOTE | Our dominant hands tend to be slightly bigger so make sure to keep in mind if she is right or left handed and how this might affect her ring size.

02 | Subtly ask her yourself….

Now this one requires a little bit of skill, but I believe in you! Ask her directly in a subtle way. Pretend you are going to be getting a ring for another lady in your life (i.e. mom, grandmother, sister, etc.) who has a similar sized hand as your girlfriend. Casually ask her what her ring size is for reference for this gift. You can even go as far to purchase an inexpensive ring and show it to her so she’s not suspicious. You can even have her try it on to make sure it fits!

Planning to Propose 7 Ways to Secretly Find out her ring size

03 | Ask her friends!

Sometimes friends have all the information you need! I know the ring size of several of my girlfriends who are hoping their significant other will ask me for ring advice. SO you never know…they might already know!

04 | Trace it out

If you don’t want to take one of her rings to the jeweler do this instead! Place one of her ring finger rings on a piece . of paper and trace a circle on the paper of BOTH the inside and outside of the ring. Do this several times to make sure you have consistent circles drawn. Take your paper with to the jeweler with you, they can usually figure it out from here!

Planning to Propose 7 Ways to Secretly Find out her ring size

05 | Enlist accomplices…only those you can trust of course!

Accomplices can help you in a few ways…

a) Ask one of her girlfriends to try and figure out her ring size. When they’re shopping around and trying on jewelry she can probably get her to try on a ring and figure out her ring size.

b) If you don’t live together or have regular access to her jewelry box, as someone who does! Ask a roommate or someone nearby as them to see what her ring size is.

An accomplice can help you narrow down the ring size window…so figure out who you can trust!

Planning to Propose 7 Ways to Secretly Find out her ring size

06 | Try the ring on yourself

This is a great method if you don’t want to sneak away with one of her rings.Take one of the rings she wears on her ring fingers and try it on yourself and see WHICH finger and WHERE on your finger it best fits. For example perhaps it fits at the tip of your pinky, that is good info for the jeweler to know.

P.S. – If you don’t want to sneak away with one of her rings I would combine methods #4 and #6 to get the most accurate measurement.

Planning to Propose 7 Ways to Secretly Find out her ring size

07 | The twist tie approach…you need mad skills for this!

When your girlfriend is sleeping take one of those twist ties, like the kind that come on loaves of bread, and carefully use it to put around her finger. Now…you have to be careful to not wake her up and preserve the shape of the twist tie while doing this. Go forth young grasshopper….be careful.

Also, here is a link to get a a free at home ring sizer that might help you out!

Good luck! I can’t wait to hear all about your secret proposal stories!