5 Tips for Better Getting Ready Photos

October 17, 2019

better getting ready photos

Hello Sweet Brides and Grooms! We’re so thrilled to have you here in our intentional wedding prep blog series.

Our goal in these blog posts is to give you quality content that will help you plan and execute the wedding day of your dreams all while focusing on maintaining a healthy relationship every step of the way. I know you’ve been working so hard to create a beautiful day to enjoy with your family and friends, here you’ll find practical tips to help make your day beautiful, seamless, and help you create the max amount of time for you to spend with family and friends.

Today we’re talking about how to craft better getting ready images on your wedding day!

01 | Find the light!

The key to incredible images all around is ensuring there is access to natural light. So when you first enter your getting ready location, take a look around and determine which room or spot has the best natural light. This could up end up being a hallway, living room, kitchen, or anything in between. If you’re in a hotel room it will likely be the spot closest to the window, the hallway, the balcony, or even the lobby.

If you feel like there are no good locations with natural light indoors, let’s take it all outdoors and finish our getting ready process outdoors in the natural light.

Once you’ve determined where the best natural light is, go ahead and reserve that space for your getting ready photos.

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02 | Clear all that clutter

Getting ready on a wedding day comes with lots of STUFF – makeup, changes of clothes, champaign, shoes, food, and everything in between for each and every person in that space. While you’ll have lots of stuff surrounding you on your wedding day keep your ‘getting ready’ photo space clear.

Since you’ve already walked around your space and determined where the best light is, just reserve that space for your photos. Communicate with those around you and ask them to help you keep that space clear for your getting ready photos.

Ensuring you have a clutter free space will help make sure that you have clean, timeless, beautiful getting ready photos that aren’t being photobombed by empty champaign glasses, dirty clothes, and makeup.

03 | Prepare in advance

First, ensure that you have organized and compiled all your details that you want photographed and apart of your getting ready photos together in one place. We’ve already compiled a list of bridal detail items to gather for your getting ready photos here.

Second, prep whoever you’d like to be with you in your getting ready photos that you need them to be ready for them. Ensure that their hair and makeup is done and they’re dressed so they can be prepared to be in your getting ready photos with you.

04 | Ensure your hair and makeup gets done first

Wedding mornings are full of you plus your bridesmaids, mother, grandmothers, and mother of the groom all trying to get ready. If the same hair and makeup artist is doing your hair and makeup along with everyone else ensure that yours gets done either first or in the middle of the line up.

If you wait till the end and are the last person to get ready it is likely you’ll be running behind and get off on your timeline and might not have time for getting ready photos at all. Whenever a bride is the last to get ready she is always running behind and ends up feeling rushed to get into her dress and run on to the next thing.

Communicate with you hair and makeup artist(s) and ensure that you are not last on the getting ready first. Trust me, this will help you feel more at ease, ready on time, and have more flexibility in your morning.

05 | Breathe and Relax

Your wedding will fly by. Use these moments of getting ready with your closest friends to take a moment to breathe, soak it all in, and exchange sweet words with each other. This is the moment you have to hold your mom’s hands and exchange a moment with each other. The moment to collect yourself and remind yourself to enjoy your day.

This is YOUR day! Make sure to take moments to relax and enjoy all the quiet moments before your day gets going.

I want to ensure that all my couples have the most incredible photos and experience possible. By integrating these tips you can help create a seamless beautiful wedding day and incredible photos you can cherish for a lifetime!

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