5 Ways to Reevaluate Your Goals Midyear

September 2, 2019

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Happy September Friends! It’s that time of year when we’re starting to transition out of Summer and into Fall…

This Summer has been good to me and I realized it’s been SUCH a good Summer because I’ve really up-leveled how I’m planning, managing my time, and how I’m figuring out what’s important to me and why.

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As someone who’s always been REALLY into goal setting, list building, etc. this was really surprising to me that I found something new (or more a new way of thinking) that has changed my views so much on how to set good intentions.

So I wanted to share them with you! These are the steps that I sit down and do at the end of each month to craft the most productive month for myself. I hope these tips bless your life as much as they have mine!

P.S. – I did NOT come up with these strategies. I have learned them from the amazing Hilary Rushford. Follow her for great life and business tips.

Pull out a notebook, grab your favorite pen, and lets commit to crafting a beautiful rest of 2019 together!

01 | Quantifying Joy | Rate on a scale of 1 to 10 of how happy you feel in each of the following areas in your life

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  • Relationship with family
  • Relationship with friends
  • Romantic relationship(s)
  • Health and wellness
  • Personal growth
  • Play and rest
  • Spirituality
  • Finances
  • Business and work
  • Home environment

Add up those numbers to get a total percentage out of 100%.

How’s your life feeling right now? What’s your number?

What would you like your percentage to be 3 months from now?

Now let’s figure out HOW to get to that percentage!

Ask, which areas, if any, do I want to increase this month, and what are some ideas of how I can do that? Remember that you can’t do it all…so just focus on the one or two numbers that matter most to you in THIS month. Also remember that 100% might not be your definition of success. It may be difficult to be at a 10 in your marriage, in your career, and in your friendships.

02 | Reevaluate your big picture goals or set new ones

Flip back through your big picture goals and intentions that you have set for yourself for this year or season, and make a list of the following for both your business/professional life and your personal life:

  • The outstanding deadlines that you HAVE to complete this month
  • List of stepping stones that you need to do this month to reach those big picture goals THIS month.

P.S. – Start to see if there is a pattern between how you are ranking your happiness in your life and WHERE you are spending your time and energy. Are the areas that you want to improve from Step 01 on your list this month?

03 | Trim, trim, trim that list!

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Once you’ve made your list in Step 02, go back through and write out ALL the steps (it helps me to work backwards) that you will have to do to make that goal happen this month.

For example: One goal I have this month is to “Have a successful poster presentation at a scientific meeting I’m attending in September.”

To actually make this goal happen I have to:

  • Attend the conference and give the presentation
  • Print poster
  • Get poster approved
  • Practice my elevator pitch for my poster
  • Create poster
  • Ensure all my figures are made for the poster
  • Analyze my data that is going onto my poster

Make sense?

After writing out ALL these steps, if your list is too long trim it!

Again don’t forget to cross reference what areas you want to improve in your life with your list! You can’t improve your marriage (for example) if you don’t make time to tend it and it’s not on your list.

04 | Make a Roadmap! Break it up week by week!

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Take all the tasks that you wrote down and lay them out as you’ll do them each week this month. Make yourself a roadmap so you can have guidelines to hit each month. It’s hard to know where you’re going if you don’t make a map.

Note: Look for anything that you can delegate! Find help in either your professional or personal life (or both!) to help you get these things done!

05 | Now…Add Magic! Check in weekly to stay on track!

Now each week find time to sit down and do the following to stay on track (Note: I find it helpful to do this in a journal format in the mornings OR in moments of overwhelm):


First, I sit down before the week starts and ask “How do you want to show up this week? What’s your intention for the week?”

I write this on a little sticky note or somewhere that I can see often as a quick reminder to myself to stay on track.


Throughout the week ask yourself “Do I think and feel on track?” If not, which expectations do I need to reset? When behind or overwhelmed, you have these powerful choices:

  • _________ will get done by a later date.
  • _________ won’t happen, I’ll let it go to make more space.
  • _________ won’t be as perfect, but at least it’ll be lovely and done.

For example: Working out 5x a week won’t happen till a later date. I’m doing 3x a week and proud of myself. So I’m going to be okay that I work up to 5 in two months, instead of this month.


Next, pour out what’s on your mind and direct your WAND….have to add a little Harry Potter magic in there somehow!

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Here’s how to use MY WAND (just a little acronym to help you remember) especially when you’re feeling a challenge, frustration, or brain-overload moment throughout your month.

Sit down and ask yourself….

What’s the MAIN thing on my mind I want to redirect with MY WAND and then walk through answering the following pieces.

My My fact (event, situation, circumstance, trigger)

W Whereby I think (belief, opinion)

A And thus feel (emotion)

N Next I do (action, behavior)

D Delivering the result (outcome)

Here’s what my MY WAND journal looks like…

I have two MY WAND prompts back to back.

Once you’ve walked through your answers evaluate why you’re having negative, overwhelmed, or frustrated feelings about this thing.


REDO the MY WAND exercise just underneath your first journaling (as seen above) on the same event, situation, circumstance, or trigger BUT this time change how you’d like to think or feel from a negative stance to a neutral or positive stance. Work out how you can shift your mindset about this thing so it doesn’t have this negative energy during your day.

Here’s an example of a prompt I might write in a MY WAND exercise on how I might initially want to react and feel and THEN how I reframe it:


My My fact – I got an unkind text from my brother

W Whereby I think – I’ve done something to upset him

A And thus feel – really frustrated and overwhelmed because I

don’t know where this is coming from.

N Next I do – send him a snarky message back, I’m irritated

D Delivering the result – now we’re fitting.


My My fact – I got an unkind text from my brother

W Whereby I think – neutral, maybe he’s having a bad day?

What’s going on?

A And thus feel – curious, why’s he sending this message?

N Next I do – send him a message asking if everything is okay and

what’s going on?

D Delivering the result – we’re having an open conversation

about how he’s feeling and can resolve the situation

Make sense?

Has this helped you? If so send us a quick email at amandaoliviaphotography@gmail.com and let us know or tell us about it in the comments below!

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