PART III: Intentional Marriage Prep

August 11, 2019

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If you’ve been following along this week you know I’m sharing thoughts, tips, and advice that I think are worth talking about heading into and during your engagement season. I believe this is the season to dive deeper into getting to know your partner and to nurture your relationship. 

So far this week we’ve talked about:

Part I | Going from Vendor Talk to Forever Talk 

Part II | Be Open, Ask Questions, Remain Curious

Now today we are talking about…

Focus on how you want to FEEL on your wedding day BEFORE booking your vendors.

At the beginning of your planning, sit down with your partner and think about these 3 things before booking any vendors:

1) How do we want to FEEL on our wedding day? When it’s all said and done how do we want to feel (i.e. – relaxed, easy going, full of excitement, loved, supported etc)?

2) WHAT will make us feel this way? For example, perhaps spending intentional time with your parents for part of the day will make you feel loved and supported so you should plan on time for that. OR maybe having a really fun reception and dance party will make you feel celebrated and loved so that is a big priority for you! Whatever it is, think about what you can do during your day that will help you feel exactly how you want to feel during your day.

3) What’s most important to us? Is it a priority to spend intentional time with every wedding guest? Is it a priority to have a big fun dance party? Is it a priority to feel relaxed and at ease? Write down what your biggest priorities are.

After going through these 3 questions/categories together you should have a good list of what’s important to you and how you want to feel on your wedding day!

From here search for vendors that will help you accomplish what’s important to you on your wedding day. By doing this you can craft a day to be surrounded with people that know your vision and can help that come to life!