Part II: Intentional Marriage Prep

August 7, 2019

INTENTIONAL MARRIAGE PREP | Be open, ask questions, remain curious.

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If you’ve been following along this week you know I’m sharing thoughts, tips, and advice that I think are worth talking about heading into and during your engagement season. I believe this is the season to dive deeper into getting to know your partner and to nurture your relationship. 

So far this week in Part I of our Intentional Marriage Prep, we’ve talked about Going from Vendor Talk to Forever Talk !

Today’s topic is:

Be open, ask questions, remain curious.

Whether you’ve been with your partner for 20 years, 1 year, a few months, or a few weeks I guarantee there are things about them you simply don’t know. Today I encourage you to strike up a bit of curiosity about your partner and continue to get to know them. Ask questions about their life. Get curious about their experiences, thoughts, and wishes. The more you engage and have honest conversations with your partner the better foundation you will build for a solid marriage.

I don’t know about you, but 50 years from now I want to look back and know that I connected with my partner and that I truly know them. 50 years from now I want to be in a healthy marriage where divorce never crossed my mind. 

Some of you might be thinking…Ask what though? I thought you might say that! One of my favorite little tools are my pocket guides for deeper conversation by the Known Project . They have general guides, an Enneagram edition, and a Marriage edition. It may sound simple and silly, but I’ll often just pull these out during dinner and Joel and I answer questions and talk about things we’ve never touched on before. 

To get you started  here are 10 of my favorite questions from the Known Project:

01 | What do you find yourself chasing after (money, success, security, love, etc.) that you can’t seem to catch? 

02 | If you had to give a serious disclaimer about yourself before entering into a relationship, what would it be? 

03 | What is one area you’ve seen personal growth in? 

04 | What is one area that you find yourself being overly critical of others? 

05 | What is one honest confession from this past week? 

06 | What’s one decision you made that required a lot of courage? 

07 | What is one childhood memory you would hope for your children to also have? 

08 | What do you think would make you truly happy in life? 

09| In what ways do you hope to personally change over the next ten years? 

10 | What would a successful life look like to you? 

If you’d like to know more about the Known Project or get your own books head here: The Known Project – Resources to Know and Love Others Better

Note: I have no affiliations or partnerships with the Known Project. This is just a resource I personally love and use. 🙂