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August 16, 2019

Atlanta Photographer

Happy Fun Fridays!

Fun Fridays are blog posts where I share things I’m loving, life tips, favorite products, or anything else that I’m excited about that week…all bets are off! 

So welcome to Fun Friday Friends!

Documenting a Year of Stories

One of the BEST ways you can get started on documenting your family history is to collect what future generations cannot.

Don’t just listen to your family’s oral history, document it. The more lore you collect, the more people you will connect with and the more you’ll know about your ancestry.


And that brings me to today’s #FunFriday ! One amazing way to document your families story is to interview your family members and collect all those stories in one place. My favorite way to do this is through StoryWorth. StoryWorth has created a seamless and easy way to document a years worth of your families stories week by week. At the end of the year these stories are then beautifully bound into a book and shipped straight to you.

So if you’ve been thinking of a way to document your families story this is a GREAT and EASY start! It’s a wonderful opportunity to ask your grandparents, aunts, uncles, parents, cousins, and all those in between about their life and their experiences.

Create a keepsake book to pass down for generations to come.

Any other genealogists out there? What is your favorite way to track and document your families oral history?