Fun Fridays | Favorite Podcasts

August 15, 2019

Amanda Olivia Photography Favorite Podcasts

Happy Fun Friday Friends!

Fun Fridays are fun little blog posts where I share things I’m loving, life tips, favorite products, or anything else that I’m excited about that week…all best are off!  So welcome to today’s Fun Friday!

Today I’m sharing my TOP 7 favorite podcasts I’ve been loving these past few months and know lots of you will enjoy these too! So.  here. we. go.

Top 7 Favorite Podcasts

01 | Work and Play with Nancy Ray  – THIS is woman is full of so much goodness! If you want to be living a more intentional and healthy life, this is the podcast for you!

02 | You’re Welcome with Hilary Rushford – She’s one on my favorite people to listen to and learn from. You’ll walk away with tips on how to improve your life and manage your time better instantly!

03 | This American Life – An oldie but a goodie! Just wonderful stories that will make you feel all the feels…for me that usually means lots of crying!

04 | Dispatch to a Friend – THIS is my ALL time favorite (don’t know why I’ve listed it as 4th on the list!). It’s just about these two Australian women who write letters back and forth to each other. It’s simple, sweet, and will guarantee to put you in an amazing mood. This podcast makes me want to run away and live on a farm with no internet. So good.

05 | Reply All – This podcast is about the internet and always makes me laugh and I learn something new all the time. I especially love the “Yes, Yes, No” episodes. 

06 | Radiolab – I love their stories….I’ll be honest sometimes I get a little irritated with the way they talk about science but overall I often learn new things and get curious about subjects I haven’t thought about before!

07 | White Lies – This is about a murder that happened in Selma, Alabama in 1965. Definitely worth a listen.

Hopefully this gives you one new podcast to pop on this next week! Now share with me friends…what is your absolute favorite podcast??? I’m always looking for new recommendations!