August 2019 | Intentions

August 1, 2019

Happy August Friends! I hope you are all having a beautiful Summer filled with lots of outdoor time! I’ve been having a productive Summer and am excited for what August and this Fall semester have in store.

Before we head on to August intentions you can read my July intentions here!

Personal Intentions:

  • Enjoy a joint bachelorette weekend in Asheville with some of my favorite dancing gals! A group of us are all engaged and we’re hosting a joint bachelorette weekend. I’m looking forward to this one!
  • Have fun planning MY engagement session! I’ll be sharing more details this month.
  • See my MOM!
  • Read a few new books:
  • Work on collecting family history stories from my aunts and uncles – I talked a bit about that here!
  • Continue the morning and evening routines I created in July!

Grad School Intentions:

  • Finish up a data set for a paper I’m planning to submit in September.
  • Write, write, write! Got lots of good writing done last month and plan to continue that trend in August.

Photography Intentions:

  • Photograph two engagement sessions for some sweet 2020 brides!
  • Continue working on making better systems and workflows…making good progress slowly but surely!
  • Create new genealogy content for you all!
  • Fix much of my blog content – some of my content got lost in a website transition so there are lots of broken links and missing images to fix. I apologize in advance if you run into any, but they’ll all be fixed this month.

What are your big August goals?

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