3 Ways to Budget for a Consistent Date Night

July 29, 2019

Happy Monday Friends! I recently asked you all what you would love to see here and you all gave a resounding YES to talking more about building intentional relationships and talking about creating a lasting marriage…and I agree! So let’s start talking about it today on #marriagemonday .

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Make time together a priority

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve been given during this season of planning for my own marriage is – Make time together a priority. Time is the currency of relationships. Ever since Joel and I moved in together we’ve made sure to always designate one evening a week to spend together.

It’s quite easy when living together and with opposite busy schedules to become roommates in passing, and then add kids into the mix for some people and then time really disappears. The only way to make your time together a priority is to do just that…make it a priority! No kids, no one else…just the two of you.

Today’s #marriagemonday tip : Budget for a consistent date night. Here are a few tips on how to make that happen!

01. Pull out your calendars and find a time that works for you and your partner to regularly spend time together

If you have the time try to carve in time for weekly date nights, don’t let too much time pass in between date nights. Carving out time for your spouse is so important!

02. Keep it simple

And it doesn’t have to be fancy…trust me most of our date nights are free or pretty inexpensive (see below), it’s the consistent time together that is most important:
– Take walks around our neighborhood together
– Hike around different parks in our area
– Sometimes just watch our favorite shows together…Big Little Lies, Organge is the New Black, or Stranger Things
– Go grab chocolates together from @condorchocolates and eat them in park together (as I’m making this list I realize we walk a lot and go to parks a lot)

03. Save your best energy for your spouse…don’t just give them the leftovers

It’s easy to fall in the habit of doing passive events together because you’re tired from putting out energy all day during work, running errands, and just doing life. So don’t forget to save energy to spend good time with your partner and invest in them.

Share with me friends – What was your most recent date night with your partner? What did you all do? Have you been carving out time recently to take a date night?

P.S. – Do you have specific topics you’d like to cover for #marriagemonday ? Either drop me a comment below or send me an email and let me know what it is!