June 2019 | Intentions

June 1, 2019

Amanda Olivia Photography National Parks
Photo of me by my lovely friend Anna Shackleford at Park Studios ATL

Happy June Friends! June is my FAVORITE month of the year because it’s my BIRTHDAY month and I maaaayyy get pretty excited about birthdays. Plus I’m all about this warm weather filled with green grass, water-filled activities, and all that sunshine. It’s the perfect time to explore new places and be outside. So I’m welcoming June with open arms!

And I’m excited because I’ll be sharing more goodness about my intentions and goals on my birthday this month, so I’m saving some things till then!

Stay tuned!

You can read a recap of my May Intentions here.

Personal Intentions:

  • Celebrate my 31st birthday!!!
  • Take Peabody swimming. We went kayaking last month and he loved it, so we need to make another water trip happen this month.
  • Continue morning walks with Mr. Peabody
  • Take a weekend trip to Mammoth Cave National Park
  • Continue working on my family tree and diving into my family ancestry
  • Print my personal photos off my phone
  • Shoot one roll of personal film

Photography Intentions:

  • Submit my beautiful Spring weddings for publication
  • Deliver two beautiful wedding galleries
  • Photograph a lovely engagement session
  • Launch my new heirloom product guide!

Grad School Intentions:

  • Present at and attend Worm Meeting! #worm19
  • Refine my experimental workflow and start growing worms under these new parameters
  • Continue working on my R skills (carry over from last month…I think this will be a theme throughout all of 2019!)
  • Focus on what’s most important

As always I’d love to hear about your June plans and intentions, so share below friends!