Heirloom Memory Boxes

June 7, 2019

Our AOP Memory Boxes are the perfect way to hold all the moments from your wedding day – from getting ready to your grand exit. All your prints come in a beautiful organic wooden box that is made to last for generations to come. Get ready to sit around your living room and share your memories with family and friends.

To create the memory box that is perfect for you, you can:

  • Choose from 5 different finishes to pick a memory box that fits your style and decor
  • Fill your box with up to 600 of your favorite images to tell the complete story of your wedding day

If you’re looking for a simple yet beautifully curated way to store your memories this is the perfect way!

If you haven’t printed your images yet, you’re not too late! If you’ve had any portrait session or wedding with us we’d love to help you preserve your memories in a beautiful way.

For more details email us at hello@amandaoliviaphotography.com.

And a huge thanks to our sweet friend Anna Shackleford for photographing our heirloom products.

Gallery Example of Our AOP Memory Boxes and Prints

Memory Boxes come in 5 different finishes.