31st Birthday Goals!

June 11, 2019

My Thoughts

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Happy Monday AND (late) Happy Birthday to me! I don’t know why friends, but I get crazy excited about my birthday. When the calendar hits June 1st I start getting excited and pretty much think of my birthday the whole month of June. Even once my birthday has passed I’m still celebrating. Anyone else declare a birthday month?!?!

I also think of my birthday a lot like January 1st. It’s my personal annual refresh for goals and focusing back on what my major goals are…so here we go….I’m sharing what I consider to be my LIFE goals with you for the first time!

And I’ll be honest I don’t think I have the bandwidth to share ALL my life goals nor do I think you’d want to read them all, but in the spirit of my 31st birthday I’ll share 31 of my life goals! Some of them are big, lots of them are simple, but I think they’ll all help make a beautiful life I won’t regret living.

01. Live in a comfy tiny English Peter Rabbit like cottage surrounded by wild flowers and maybe even live in the English country side- total dream! I probably bring this up to Joel at least once a week and show him ideal homes for us. I think the cottage idea is growing on him.

P.S. – If you’re having a bad day just watch the new animated Peter Rabbit…it will make everything better! Singing animals always do!

02. Build up worth outside of work. This is a big one. I’ve spent much of my life working on my career and being so hyper focused on my education and science. While this is a wonderful trait that has gotten me far, it’s also debilitating in ways. So I’m working on building up worth for myself in my personal life – building a comfy home, building good relationships, and ensuring I have things I am passionate about outside of work.

03. Run a marathon. I’ve run two half marathons and both were a struggle…so I’d like to run a half with more ease and be able to run a full!

04. Own all white bedding….it just seems like it would feel so clean, free, and beautiful! Plus if you know me I have an obsession with white home decor – white bedding, cabinets, furniture, etc.

05. Visit all the U.S. National Parks

06. Have a good understanding of my full family history on both my maternal and paternal sides and document it well to share with my family. I’m working on an ancestry project now! Also have a HUGE project in the works helping others work through their family history and connections to their own story as well.

07. Find ways to encourage young female scientists in their career path choices.

08. Have a full and fulfilling scientific career – what does this look like you ask??? I’m not totally sure, but I’d love to do science that fulfills me and makes a difference in the world and I’d like to be a positive influence in the community and a good mentor.

09. Publish a wedding in print in Martha Stewart Weddings.

10. Hike the full Camino and take my own pilgrimage. This book really inspired me to want to do this. Highly recommended read!

11. Have a ton of wheaten terriers that run around my house all day. Okay, not a ton but maybe three! Mr. Peabody needs friends!

12. Keep my family’s lemon tree alive! I’ve been growing my childhood lemon tree for several years now, hopefully I a) keep it alive and b) one day it bears fruit!

13. One day be able to take an amazing vacation at the Amangiri in Canyon Point

14. Marry my best friend!!!! I don’t know how or when we will do it, but it will be perfect.

15. Become a great speaker. I’d love to give a keynote talk at both a scientific and photography conference.

16. Pay off my student loans and be totally debt free!!! Y’all education is expensive…don’t get me started. But I will get rid of them one day!

17. Go on an European adventure with Joel! We both don’t care to have lots of things, we just want to see the world, explore nature, and get to know the people in it.

18. Continue to be an avid reader and fill my home with lots of good books. My piles of books and overflowing bookshelves drive people crazy but I love reading and I love letting others borrow books from my collection. This is one of the things that brings me great joy.

19. Fill our home with only our own photos and meaningful items. I want our home to tell our story and have our memories printed so we can hold them, look through them, and share our stories with others.

20. Become good at weaving. I really love weaving and think it’s so beautiful. I’d love to take a class with those giant looms. I actually looked into this when I moved to Georgia, but all the weaving guilds I’ve found meet in the middle of the day…I think this says something about the kind of crowd that’s weaving.

21. Make a quilt – all white with different textures and patterns. Maybe this can be apart of my all white bedding.

22. Photograph one wedding on each continent, excluding Antarctica…that one just seems unrealistic !

23. Grow a business that always stays true to heart and grows in thoughtful direction.

24. Live on the beach even if for just a brief period of time.

25. Use my hardships and stories to help encourage others and make someone else’s story smoother.

26. Live somewhere where I can ride my bike to work every day.

27. Be an effective science communicator. I’ve been working on this throughout my graduate career and it will surely look different with time, but I think this is important and something I’m passionate about.

28. Figure out a way to intersect my love for photography and science. I have some project ideas in the pipeline…now to make them come to life!

29. Be a stronger advocate for things I care deeply about – women’s rights, climate change, and women in science.

30. Own one suit/business outfit that is tailored for me and that I feel awesome in! Never under estimate the power of a perfect suit!

31. Never stop my education – learning and growing are so important to me and an integral part of my life.

Now friends, I’d love to hear just one of your life goals! What’s important to you?