Vendor Spotlight | The Variety Works & James Madison Inn

May 25, 2019

Photo of The Variety Works | Amanda Olivia Photography
James Madison Inn | Amanda Olivia Photography

Introduce yourself. Who are you?

Hey there, I’m Chasity! I’m a true southern girl, mama of 5 and 1 fur baby. Lover of all things pretty, sterling silver, peonies & all the charm of a southern wedding. My philosophy in life is there’s always a reason to celebrate!

Photo of Chasity by Sarahmasseeball

Tell us a bit about The Variety Works as a wedding venue.

Variety works is the perfect venue for a southern destination event. Located in heart of Madison, Georgia, an antebellum town, this historic building and grounds have been updated with all the amenities you will need while maintaining the original charm. The Variety works, which was built in the late 1800s as a manufacturing facility, is an ideal indoor option for any season. The old wood walls, stunning chandeliers, wall sconces and draperies with string lights create a look that is rustic and refined. What could be better than a rustic barn venue and a fabulous lace wedding gown? The Variety Works terrace overlooks the beautiful gardens and gazebo at Round Bowl Spring. The spring, gardens, and event lawn are a picturesque setting for anyone looking to host an outdoor event. A combination of these two spaces provides an opportunity for guests to enjoy the beauty of both indoors and out.

What wedding services do you offer? Can you break down some of the differences in the services you offer?

Variety Works provides an air-conditioned indoor ceremony and reception space or an outdoor ceremony site in the garden area. We include white or fruitwood wooden chairs, guests tables, vendor tables and high top tables that fit perfectly on our terrace overlooking the gardens. We have a beautiful estate table that brides can use for a guest book or sweetheart table. We offer a whiskey barrel for a floral ceremony piece or a grooms cake. We also have a wagon wheel cart that makes the perfect cake table.

The venue includes a spacious bridal suite that provides the perfect setting for wedding party to relax and get ready for the big day. Couples are provided with a list of fabulous vendors to aide in the planning process while offering flexibly to bring in vendors they love and connect with. We also offer a day of coordination package which takes the
stress off the bride and her family the day of the wedding.

What does a typical wedding day look like at The Variety Works?

A typical wedding day at Variety Works is like being behind the scenes of a play production. The bridal party goes into hair and makeup, everyone is getting dressed, props and flowers are being brought in to create the perfect setting. Musicians are doing sound checks, cakes are being delivered and caterers are setting tables.

Every week the set up and layouts are custom to the couple’s vision and overall design, so no wedding ever looks the same. The venue is set up and ready to go the day prior to the event for rehearsals. When vendors arrive the day of the event everything is in place and ready to go. There is never a dull moment on a wedding day but I wouldn’t have it any other way. There is always a happy vibe, lots of love and excitement. It’s so rewarding to see each couple’s personalities come out as the venue transforms from week to week.

How do you help each bride/groom bring a personal element to their wedding day at The Variety Works?

I really take the time to get to know our couples. During the initial consultation I have some key questions I like to ask (what they do for a living, do they have pets, what do they do on the weekends, what music do they like, where do they live etc). They often wonder why I’m asking them so many random questions, but that starts to paint a picture about what they are like as people.

I also ask them what their vision is for the wedding day. Once I have a good feel of who they are I can direct them to vendors I feel they would work well with and help them create the perfect day.

How do you and your team help ease the stress of brides on a wedding day?

With 24 years experience in the wedding industry I’ve pretty much seen it all and chances are if I haven’t seen it, I’m ready for it. An amazing day of coordinator can think fast on their feet, be well organized and creative ( aka duct tape anything ). My greatest joy is when the bride has the day of her dreams and the families enjoy the day without lifting a finger. I make that possible by handling all the things!

What makes The Variety Works as a venue stand out?

I would have to say our location is what makes us so special. We are located in downtown Madison which has walking access to accommodations, shopping and dining yet our property is so tucked away it feels very private, surrounded by some of the prettiest views Madison has to offer. Our location also provides endless options for photographs.

What’s your favorite part of a wedding day?

My absolute favorite part of the wedding day is when the bride and groom are presented as husband and wife. You can just see how relaxed they become that very moment, the guests are cheering them on and everyone is ready to transition into the party.

What advice would you give a newly engaged bride/groom just starting the planning process?

Stay true to yourself! Consider the details that make you YOU, the things you love, your favorite foods, flowers and drinks. If you aren’t formal, don’t try to plan a formal wedding. Keep it relaxed and simple if that is your personality. Make sure you click with your vendors and be honest and upfront with them about your budget. Be kind, it goes a long way!

What questions should a newly engaged bride/groom ask a potential venue when trying to decide where might be the right fit for their special day?

The first thing I suggest couples do is really think about how they feel as they are touring a venue. Make sure you feel welcome and appreciated for being there. You should always check the rates, date availability and capacity prior to your tour to ensure it fits within your budget and can accomodate your guests. Doing so will narrow the search process. Also make sure to ask what is included in the venue rental. Do they allow outside vendors, what is their alcohol policy, etc? Have a list of questions with you and make sure you take the time to check them all off while you are there.

What’s one piece of marriage advice you’d give to a newly wed couple?

I have five magic words for a successful marriage.

“Sorry- it’s all my fault”