Vendor Spotlight | Gold & Bloom

May 11, 2019

Photo of Jenna Griffin by Courtney Woodham

Introduce yourself. Who are you?

I’m Jenna Griffin, owner and lead designer of Gold & Bloom. I live in Marietta, Georgia with my husband Lamar, two year old son Cooper, and baby girl arriving May 13th!

Tell us a bit about Gold & Bloom.

Gold & Bloom was first just a dream of mine, that I thought I certainly would never achieve. At the time, I was a full time elementary school teacher, and the uncertainty of leaving that career to begin a floral design business was overwhelming. After a few years of trying to juggle both, I decided to take the plunge and it was the best decision I’ve ever made!

Gold & Bloom is a floral design business located in Georgia. We design for both small and large affairs, specializing in artistic florals and unique details. Getting to know each of my couples is important to me, and I love to find ways to bring out their personalities and their story through the floral designs that we create.

What wedding services do you offer? Can you break down some of the differences in the services you offer?

Our main service is full service florals for large weddings. This service requires my full attention and several days of wedding prep. My team and I design, set up, and cleanup at the end of the evening. This is our most popular service.

Some brides choose my a la carte service, which is exactly what it sounds like. Single bouquets, boutonnieres, or floral arrangements are offered at a la carte pricing for pickup at my home studio.

What does a typical wedding day look like for you at Gold & Bloom?

Wedding days are very busy, but very fun! We start off by finishing any arrangements that need to be completed, tying ribbons on boutonnieres and bouquets, and running through our checklist two or three times. Then we load the vehicle, and set off for our destination.

When we first arrive to the venue, we deliver the bridal party flowers to the bridal suite. I love to see my client’s reaction when I show them their personal flowers! We then begin to setup for the ceremony and reception. At the end of the night, members from my team come back to clean up and remove flowers and anything related to florals. Oftentimes, we pack up the flowers in containers to be sent home with the family. It’s a whirlwind day!

How do you help each bride/groom bring a personal element to their wedding day when working with Gold & Bloom?

I love to find ways to bring personal touches from the clients into their design. A lot of times it is something like incorporating a specific flower type that reminds them of their childhood, attaching heirloom pieces to the bridal bouquet, or designing special pieces to be placed in honor of loved ones who have passed.

How do you and your team help ease the stress of brides/grooms on a wedding day?

We work closely with the couple’s planner and other vendors to make sure we are all on the same page. Communication is key! On the wedding day, we always arrive very early to begin setup so that there is plenty of time to pay attention to detail and deal with any issues that arise.

Another way I like to ease their stress is streamlining my communication with them and not sending a million emails that they have to worry about responding to. My clients always feel laid back and taken care of when it comes to florals, which makes me so happy!

What makes Gold & Bloom stand out?

My overall floral planning and consultation process is one way that I stand out from other floral designers. Often times I meet clients for the first time and they think they have to be experts at flowers in order to tell me what they want for their wedding day.  I want to take this burden off of their shoulders! I meet each of my couples face to face before taking them on as a client, I host all of my meetings in my home studio, I design a beautiful design board for each client, and together we edit and change ideas as needed. By walking them through the process, their options, and giving my design opinions, this helps them not have to make as many decisions as they would if I just vaguely asked “What do you want?”.

What’s your favorite part of a wedding day?

My favorite part of a wedding day is by far seeing the client react to their personal flowers. When I present a bridal bouquet to a bride and her face lights up and she cries tears of joy–that moment means the world to me! I’ll remember that forever.

What advice would you give a newly engaged bride/groom just starting the planning process?

Remain true to yourselves, hire people to take care of the details so that you can relax, and remember at the end of the day–you’ll be married and that is what matters most.

What questions should a newly engaged bride/groom ask a potential florist when trying to decide who would be the best fit for their big day?

Be sure to ask if they take multiple weddings on per weekend or per day (we don’t do this), take a look at their design style to make sure it is in line with what you imagine on your wedding day, and ask them what their typical wedding floral process is so that you know what to expect.

What’s one piece of marriage advice you’d give to a newly wed couple?

My advice is to join a married couples small group. It’s important to be surrounded by other married couples to encourage and support each other through this amazing yet difficult journey called marriage. Try to find a group that isn’t necessarily full of all of your married besties. ;