May 2019 | Intentions

May 11, 2019

I know this is late…but hey, better late than never!

Happy May Friends! Y’all I’m going to be honest this has been a season of busy…I’m not trying to glorify it. This season just felt like it came out of nowhere for me and I haven’t taken enough time to stick to a consistent schedule. I feel like my schedule took control of me and not the other way around…so this month I’m working on changing that!

If you’re shaking your head yes along with me know that this is something I’m always working on. It’s when I stop working on taking good control of my time and my schedule that things get out of hand. It’s a constant work in progress. So this has really shaped how I wanted my May to look. And while I’m posting my May intentions in the middle of the month I think that might even be better so I can give myself a little refresher to stay on track.

You can read a recap of my April intentions here!

Personal Intentions:

During this past period of Lent I realized I have not been spending nearly enough time outside spending time being quiet nor enough time visiting the National Parks I love so much. So this month I’m prioritizing making both of those things happen because it’s in those moments when I feel the happiest and most refreshed.

  • Plan for a weekend trip to Mammoth Cave National Park in early June. May weekends are booked up for my so I’m going to spend this month doing research on what to do in Mammoth Cave. Any suggestions?
  • Start training for the Lake Powell 1/2 Marathon this October. Yup…I’m starting pretty far in advance, but I have some major breathing challenges to overcome so I’m giving myself plenty of time to start small and work my way up.
  • Daily walks with Mr. Peabody around our neighborhood. P.S. – These have been going so well…this time allows me to unwind from the day and run around with him for a few minutes. We’ve also been dropping off lots of books at our neighborhood Little Free Library which has been a fun way to connect to our neighborhood. I’d love to build a Little Free Library at my house someday…but that’s for a whole separate story.
  • Read the following books:

Grad School Intentions:

  • Continue working on a manuscript! We plan to submit it late Summer so I’m trying to make finishing this my top priority.
  • Read 5 scientific papers a week.
  • Enhance my R skills! So I’m working on spending time each evening to take courses and refresh myself on this programming language since I haven’t been using it as much as I should have. Plus spending time to figure out the simplest way to analyze my data.
  • Continue growing lots of worms for my project and tweaking small parts of the protocol…we’ve almost got it!

Photography Intentions:

  • Photograph several incredible weddings!
  • Record and put together content for ancestry work! This is a huge project that is going to take gradual time to complete this year.
  • Start revamping a few areas of my website and create some creative space to enhance my brand in new ways
  • Continue to build and share great resources and content for my couples!

May is one of my favorite months friends! I hope you all have a wonderful month!

In full disclosure, the links provided here are Amazon Affiliate links. I’m always grateful if you decide to purchase one of these books through these links!