April 2019 | Intentions

April 1, 2019

Happy April Friends! Spring is here….the gross yellow Georgia pollen is EVERYWHERE…but that’s okay because the flowers are blooming and the sun is out! I can already feel my mood improving with these warmer days.

It’s a new month so that means it’s time for new goals/intentions! Before we dig into April Intentions you can read my recap of my March intentions here!

This month I am continuing to work on some great things that I started in March and implement some new wonderful things!

Personal Intentions:

  • Continue to work on freeing up my time on social media over this Lent period to focus on some big projects and get deeper work done. You can read more about this here and here! I’m learning more on how to utilize social media in the ways that work best for me.
  • Read 4 books!
  • Morning walks with Mr. Peabody! I always feel better if I can get moving just a little before starting my day
  • Plant some flowers in my little garden. Also…maybe make a fairy garden?!?! Who’s with me? They look so fun.
  • Perform a few dances with my lovely gals in the Modern Pin-Ups!

Grad School Intentions:

To be honest it’s always so hard for me to quantify these grad school goals and intentions because often they are such a fluid process…but here is a glimpse of some of what I’m working on

  • Working on a manuscript showcasing some new methods we have been developing in our lab. Yay! I’m excited to make progress on this and get this out into the world.
  • Optimizing LOTS of methods in my workflow
  • Perform some career interviews with scientists in positions I’m interested in post-grad school to see how they got into those positions.

Photography Intentions:

  • Photograph a beautiful wedding, anniversary session, and several family sessions
  • Start sharing ancestry and heirloom products and stories coming your way soon!!
  • Visit and learn from my favorite Mastermind Sisters! These women are such an incredible part of my life and journey. Each time I see them I feel so energized about life.

Share friends…what are your intentions or goals this month? I hope getting out to enjoy this amazing weather is on your list!