Chelsea & Zack | Anniversary Session

December 12, 2018

Meet Chelsea and Zack! They’re one of the cutest couples I know. Chelsea has impeccable fashion sense and Zack has an amazing beard, so what more could you ask for! When we decided to get together to do an anniversary session for them I was 100% on board. What better way to celebrate your marriage than to document how you’re growing together though the years!?!?

We talked all about how these two met, their wedding day, and their life today here in Athens, GA during their anniversary session. It was so fun to reminisce about all the fun things that went into their proposal and wedding day.

This was my first anniversary session and I must say it was such a lovely idea! I wish I could do more! Thinking of the perfect way to celebrate your anniversary? Book a session and update your photos together because I know you haven’t taken any since your wedding! 

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