How Does This Look: Your Style vs. Photography Aesthetic

September 18, 2018

We’re continuing on in our six-part series called “How Does This Look?”, where we are walking you through all the elements of picking the right look for your next photo session!

We started our series yesterday talking all about the fundamentals of style.

Be sure to check out my blog post and Toyin’s post on the fundamentals of styling before moving on!

Now today we’re talking all about…

Your Style vs. Photography Aesthetic

This one is SO important you guys! Now before we dig into all the details here I first want you to focus on keeping an image in mind of what your session will look like, feel like, and be like. Envision holding an image from your engagement session. What do you want that image to say? What story do you want it to tell? Are you with me???

From a photographer’s perspective I think about who my couple is and how their outfits can help enhance (not take away or confuse) their story. So to make a cohesive story and feel to your engagement session you want to think about the following:

01. Think About the Total Picture/Frame

Keep this in mind as you are planning for your session. You want to think about what the final product will look like. You want to really consider how what you are wearing is going to fit (A) the purpose of your photography session, (B) the location you’re going to, and (C) what your personality is like. You want all of these elements to come together nicely to make a cohesive story inside that image.

You need to keep in mind how your style and color scheme will flow through your photographs. You want to create a cohesive album with your images and not just a cluster and pile of images that don’t really match. So if you are wearing two outfits or switching pieces up during your session, think about how you can complement the outfits to one another instead of clashing.

02. The Focus is YOU – the People!

You’re most likely having a photography session because you want updated photos of YOU and your significant other not to show off your new clothes. This is not the time to be a fashion blogger. Don’t bust out your most outrageous outfits. While I want you to feel like YOU and comfortable in your own skin, still be sure you are picking outfits that enhance who you are and draw attention TO you, not away from you.

03. Don’t Clash with the Environment

Keep in mind where exactly you’re taking your photos, you don’t want to end up clashing with your environment. For example, if you are taking photos at a botanical garden in Spring while everything is in bloom, you might not want to wear a floral dress and blend in with your environment. There are just too many patterns going on in that situation.

Pick clothes that will fit well in your environment!

Tip:If you have never been to your session location before, GO! Go before your photos so you have a good idea of what to expect and what you can wear to stay cohesive with the environment and theme of your session.

04. Distracting Colors? No, thank you!

Often very bright colors and busy patterns can pull attention away from you and not to you. So again, think about what you should wear to pull the viewer’s eye (don’t forget about that frame) to you. You are the star of this session, not your clothes!

I highly recommend neutrals, pastels, or cooler colors for an engagement session. If you MUST have bright pops in your outfit, consider having a bright accessory instead.

05. Environments Change!

Now don’t forget about seasons. Seasons are going to change the whole feel of any given location. So really keep in mind when exactly you’ll be taking your photos and what you may need to do to make the best story in that location in that given season. More on this in a future blog post!

Now head over to Toyin’s post to get her take on personal style vs. photography aesthetic!

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