The Modern Pin-Ups

September 4, 2017

Keepin’ It Clean Dirty Dance Benefit

Ladies, have you ever been surrounded by a group of women that are continuously positive and loving? Have you ever been totally embraced and welcomed into a group of women without judgement? Have you ever had friends that would drop anything to help you in a time of need? Have you ever sat in a room of women looked around and thought, “THESE are my people!”?

I really hope you have, because women like this are one of the greatest blessings in my life.

I had never met a group of women (and quite frankly didn’t even know it was possible) like this until I moved to Athens, GA. In 2015 I was in search of a dance studio that had adult classes and stumbled upon DanceFx. I didn’t have high expectations because most adult programs I attended in the past have been lackluster at best. But nonetheless, I simply wanted a studio that would allow me to exercise and stretch a few times a week….it seemed like DanceFx would do. Luckily, DanceFx and the community there is nothing like past adult programs I’ve been to.

I stumbled upon a burlesque aerobics class (no it’s not what you think…all clothes are kept on at all times!). I thought it sounded like fun. I nervously entered my first class and a room full of new women, but to my surprise, this group of women instantly welcomed me. We danced and had fun and I started to drive home with a huge smile on my face feeling totally refreshed after each class. So I kept coming back week after week…

2016-2017 Modern Pin-Ups. Image Credit: Eliza Morrill Photography

Before I knew it these lovely ladies let me join The Modern Pin-Ups and I started attending rehearsals and perfecting pieces to perform. I love support, excitement, and joy that brings everyone together before each show. Each performance was so uplifting and empowering. It was unlike any other group I had danced with before. It felt (and continues to feel) amazing to perform with the most positive, beautiful, and life giving women I know!

My dance time quickly turned from just a work out to me finding a community of women that are like family. Today is an exciting exciting Monday for sure! Today we start a new season together. Today I get to meet some new friends and faces and I can’t wait to welcome them into our little family. I know we have an amazing year ahead of us.

I continuously think about how incredibly grateful I am to have stumbled upon the best group of women in Athens (I may be a little biased). They have transformed the way I value my relationships with other women. I’m pretty sure I would go crazy without them!

These women know how to celebrate beauty and friendship in such a genuine way. This group truly breathes ‘community over competition’ and I think everyone needs a group like this.

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

P.S. – If you haven’t found your ‘Modern Pin-Ups’ you need to!

P.P.S. – My beautiful friend Logan also wrote a lovely piece on this great group of women that you should check out! Y’all it’s hard to not write about how great these ladies are!

Keepin’ It Clean Dirty Dance Benefit

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