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You guys…I can’t believe this day is finally here! It’s time to expand our team! We are thrilled to announce that we are hiring for our Spring 2018 and Summer 2018 Internship! Educating and helping others grow is incredibly important to me, so I believe in pouring everything I got into these two amazing interns!

We are hiring for both a Spring and Summer intern at the same time.

Spring: March 1st – May 31st

Summer: May 15th – August 30th

We are accepting applications through January 31st at 11:59 pm EST. We will start interviewing the top candidates the week of February 5th and finish interviews in mid-February. The Spring 2018 Intern will begin her position March 1st. The Summer 2018 Intern will begin her position on May 15th.

Think you’re ready? You can access the application HERE!

So, let’s get into the details…

What are we looking for?

  • Someone who is kind and fun to be around.
  • Someone who is a passionate learner and dedicated worker.
  • Someone who learns quickly and can work independently
  • Someone who has a passion for serving others through photography and weddings. We are so much more than wedding photographers, I believe in serving clients to the best of our ability and making sure they have an amazing wedding day! Service is key!
  • Someone who has great work ethic! It is important you be responsible, be able to work independently, and problem solve.
  • Someone who is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure clients feel well loved and taken care of.
  • Someone who can commit to working ~ 10-15 hours a week on average (Assisting at weddings + Sessions + Helping with studio tasks).
  • Someone who can commit to assisting at weddings (usually on Saturdays, some Sundays).
  • Someone who is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done!
  • Someone who loves dogs…Mr. Peabody is with me a lot…so you gotta love him! 🙂


What can you expect to learn?

  • How to maintain and take care of photography equipment
  • How to work with wedding vendors and build those relationships
  • How to manage the flow of a wedding day and how to serve your clients well (from prior to booking till after their wedding day is over!)!
  • The day to day tasks of keeping a photography business running smoothly
  • Writing blog posts
  • What it takes to have a successful wedding, session, and styled shoot
  • How to design and put on a styled shoot
  • How to shoot in film
  • Build a portfolio of images you can use!
  • The basics of social media to grow a business


This is an unpaid position, but we are happy to work with you to obtain college credit if that is something your school offers. I am so confident that this internship will offer you numerous hands-on learning opportunities to grow from! We will help you learn what it takes to keep our company running and on top of things! I view these internships as an opportunity to provide you with a toolkit of knowledge that you can utilize in your own business and future.

Does this sound like YOU? If so, we’d love to meet you! Please fill out the application HERE. If you have any comments or questions please contact us at Applications are due by January 31st at 11:59 pm EST. We will be in touch with all applicants by February 5th.

We are so excited for you to apply to this position! We’ll be in touch soon!


It’s time to get in the Christmas spirit! Anyone else feel me??? A few weekends ago I had the great privilege of capturing 255 Milledge‘s Open House Event! 255 Milledge was filled with all kinds of Christmas goodies made from local Athens, GA creatives! I am continuously amazed by all the talent in this tiny town! And a huge bonus, SANTA was even there! I think Santa Steve may be the best Santa I’ve ever met.

I had the best time getting to know all these makers and hear their heart behind their businesses. I loved seeing all the kids chat with Santa…some more willing than others! It was a wonderful event and I’m so thankful to have been invited!

Now, if you’re still looking for Christmas gifts (Let’s be honest…I know you aren’t done with your Christmas shopping!!!!) be sure to check out these local businesses! These guys are all amazing and pour their hearts and souls into what they do! Be sure to check them out!

Anna Crouse – Photography with Hand Lettering

Beth Hughes – Light Light Co. Candles 

Chloe Tyler – Artist

Delaney Cook – Delaney’s Delights – Yummy Treats!

Dottie Schaefer – Pottery

Kim Campbell – Chat Pretty  – Wood Signs & Ornaments

Lindsey Warren – Stamped and Finch – Jewelry

Lori Dobberstein – Firefly Calming Creations – Soaps, Bath Bombs, etc.

Natalie Kilgore – Natty Michelle Paperie

Natalie Soyka – Soyka Designs – Jewelry

Niki Verrastro – Southern Born Woodworks

Rachel Winters – Embroidery Wall Art, Felt Ornaments, & Hair Clips

Robin Nunan – The Smiling Robin – Felted Nativity Sets, Ornaments, etc.

Zoe Fuhr – – Jewelry

Pounds Coffee

Entourage Clothing





Happy Friday Friends!

It’s starting to become a little more like fall here in Georgia, and that means Fall wedding season! Ahhh I can’t wait!

I realized the other day that I have never shared my journey behind starting my photography business. While the whole nitty gritty would take ages to write out (trust me, you don’t want to read that), I thought a Spark Notes version would be fun!

So, how did Amanda Olivia Photography come to be?

I have an aunt who means the world to me. My Aunt Rhonda spent a great deal of time with me growing up, and is quite honestly like a second mother in my life. She made sure I had memorable experiences at every stage of my childhood, and took the time to capture all those memories. My aunt had a camera in her hand my whole life (no exaggeration needed), and I’m so grateful she did! Because of this, I have images to look through with fondness of my youth. Beautiful memories I would never remember otherwise if it weren’t for these prints. So I grew up having a love for photos.

Then in 2005 (back in my high school days!) when I had I had a free period, taking photography seemed like a no brainer. Plus, my best friend Sarah was really into photography and encouraged me to take this course. So, I did!

It. was. awesome.

I learned about all things film! Everything was in film! I learned how to shoot on a little 35mm camera that my aunt let me borrow. I also learned how to develop my own film and make prints. Looking back at this class, I was pretty lucky to have such an awesome film experience. My mom still has images from my high school film class hanging in our home. 🙂

I loved the intentionality behind each shot I took, recognizing that my film was limited and valuable. I loved spending time in the dark room developing my images and seeing them come to life. This was the perfect space for my much needed alone time (my fellow introverts…you feel me?)!

My love for photography didn’t stop there. I continued to take pictures throughout college and beyond. I even asked for a ‘nice’ camera for my college graduation gift. I went to town with that camera! Throughout this time I took pictures for fun, but never thought anything more of it. I instead spent my time focusing on my science (my other love) and figuring out where I wanted to go to graduate school. Taking photos was more of a hobby and something I maintained on the side. I didn’t have a single business intention at the time.

Fast forward to 2014…I got engaged! Spoiler, I’m not married and that’s for the best, but I learned loads about wedding planning (another story for another day!)! Just like every bride-to-be, I was on the hunt for an amazing wedding photographer! Pictures were my ONE non-negotiable….I wanted a talented photographer to capture my day because pictures are that valuable to me. During this wedding planning time, I met the most amazing team of film wedding photographers and was reminded how much I loved taking pictures of others and capturing their memories. I started to wonder why I wasn’t doing this! So, I got back in it!

I picked my film camera back up, and started delving back into my photography world. No joke you guys, when I started taking pictures of people again, I felt an incredible amount of joy. Helping people preserve their legacy is important to me…this was like a palm to the forehead kind of moment! Why did I ever stop taking pictures? This has always been something I love.

I started interning with wedding photographers, taking courses, taking pictures of all kinds of events, getting tons of education, and that led me to where I am today! I couldn’t be happier to be in the position I’m in. Taking photos of beautiful women, sweet couples, mamas, and families makes my heart feel full. I leave every session reminded that I’m doing the right thing and am in this season for a reason. I’m excited to see where this photography journey takes me. All I can say is that I hope it lasts for many many years to come, and that I can help preserve legacies and memories.

Photo taken by my talented friend Marquette! If you’re in Arizona or the Southwest, check her out! She’s amazing y’all!

Yesterday we talked all about the pros of having an unplugged wedding (Check out the details here)! Sounds pretty peaceful and intentional doesn’t it?!?! That all sounds great, but now we need to actually make a device free day happen.

Here are my tips to creating a device free wedding day:

01. Put a memo on your wedding website

Start it all off right by telling your guests what to expect on your wedding website. Your guests will use this platform to remember your wedding location, what they should wear, etc.; so why not give them tips on what you’d like YOUR wedding day to be like? Just write a simple and short note under the F.A.Q. section so guests can know to put their phones away before they even arrive on your wedding day.

02. Have your officiant make an announcement before the ceremony starts

I’ve seen this be done in a very tasteful way. Ask your officiant to remind your guests to be fully present during the ceremony. Remember, these people were invited as honored guests to watch you start your life together as forever partners! When you remind guests of how distracting their devices can be, they are more likely to tuck them away and focus on what’s happening in the now.

Here are a few examples of what your officiant can say:

” The couple invites you to be fully present during this special time in their relationship. We ask you to please turn off your cell phones and put down your cameras. I encourage you to celebrate this time with those around you and not behind a lens or screen.”

” The couple respectfully requests that you honor the sanctity of this ceremony by turning off all cell phones and cameras.”

You can tailor this message to fit your wedding day and personal beliefs.

03. Put a reminder in your program

Writing a short note in your program reminding your guests to turn off their phones can be helpful and effective!

Something along the lines of:

“Welcome! We are honored to have you here to celebrate the start of our marriage with us. As a guest, we want you to feel truly present today and live in this moment with us. We’ve hired an amazing wedding photographer to capture our wedding day and all the details involved so you don’t have to! Please take this invitation to enjoy our special day and to be fully present as we celebrate. We respectfully ask you to consider leaving all cameras and cell phones off during our ceremony. We will of course share our wedding photos with you afterward!”

Reminding your guests to live in the moment and to be fully attentive is a great way to start the ceremony off right.

04. Make a sign and place it in a highly visible spot so no one can miss it

You can make your sign funny or direct and to the point! Just write a short message informing your guests that this is an unplugged wedding.

05. Wait till the reception

If you want your guests to be able to have some fun candid photos, consider asking them to wait to pull out their phones till the reception. After the cake cutting, first dances, and all the big things are over, you will have TONS of time to dance the night away…and take fun photos with your friends. This is a nice compromise that will allow your guests to A) be fully present during all the important moments B) not get in the way of your wedding photographer or be in the background of any photos and C) will give them the time to capture a few selfies with you if they want!

Have you had an unplugged wedding? What strategies did you use to help your guests be fully present? I’d love to hear about them!

I don’t think I have to tell any of you that cellphones create problems. We spend so much time scrolling through social media, checking our emails, taking pictures, texting our family and friends, and the list goes on and on and on…

Now don’t get me wrong, phones have a great purpose, BUT we spend so much time on them that they can distract from the present moment. We miss living in the now to be on our phones. I’ve seen parents at parks scrolling through their phones instead of watching their kids play and interact with others. I’ve seen whole families sit and stare at their phones instead of talking with each other at dinner. I’ve seen parents watch dance recitals from behind an ipad trying to record every moment instead of just watching and enjoying the performance in real time. I know you’ve seen similar situations as well. We see them all too often in my opinion.

And guess what…this distraction doesn’t stop at weddings!

It’s your big day and you’re getting ready to walk down the aisle, you look around and you see that everyone has their phone out snapping pictures and recording the moment. It’s a sea of phones!

I don’t know about you, but this isn’t the vision I want to see when I’m about to walk down the aisle. I want to see the face of my mom smiling with joy, and the look of awe from my soon-to-be husband as I’m walking towards him. I want to see these faces and remember these moments without devices polluting my vision.

While I appreciate the sentiment and the desire to capture the moment from every guest, this is so incredibly distracting and takes away from being fully present.

I encourage all my couples to consider an ‘unplugged’ wedding, where they advise their guests to be present and stay as device-free as possible! Now….I know this may not be for everyone, but just consider the advantages an unplugged day can bring!

Here are a few pros to having a device free day:

01. Disconnecting and being fully present

You’ve planned a wonderful day and have a whole timeline of events ready to go for your guests. Allow them to live in the moment and fully relish the day by enjoying your wedding without the distraction of Facebook and emails (those can wait till they get home)! You only get married once, and you want to make sure everyone enjoys your wedding as intended.

02. Better professional photos

This is a big one! Often wedding photographers have to re-angle their shot because Aunt Milly decides to stick her arms into the aisle to capture the kiss with her iPhone. Phones pop up left and right during wedding ceremonies, and it makes it difficult for the photographer you hired to capture those special moments.

By having an unplugged wedding, your photographer will have an easier time capturing your day without having to move around guests, or crop out arms and phones.

03. Less noise distraction

Have you ever sat behind someone at the movies that was on their phone? The pitter pattering of their fingers touching the screen (even if it’s on silent) and the bright lights from the phone are distracting. I don’t know about you, but when this happens I can’t help but look in the direction of the phone even if just for a second.

You don’t want this experience during your wedding ceremony! Not only is that one guest distracted, but now they’ve captured the attention of other guests while you’re exchanging your vows. No thank you!

By eliminating devices during your ceremony, you can ensure your guests are focusing on what’s happening.

04. No visual distraction

Again…the glow from phones is truly disturbing! Plus, you’ll have every aunt and cousin sticking their phones out down the aisle ,or above other guests heads to try and get the perfect shot. While I appreciate their sentiment, this creates a visual distraction for other guests. There’s nothing like watching someone’s hands and phone block your view as a the bride is walking down the aisle. No one wants that!

05. Connection and relationships

Weddings are often THE ONE event where all your friends and family will be together. Weddings serve as a meeting ground for new and old friends, for the bride and grooms extended family, and for the bride and groom themselves to meet their new spouse’s family and friends! Think of another time in your life when all your favorite people will be in one place…

Could you think of one? If you can, it’s rare right?

By having an unplugged wedding, you are giving your guests the opportunity to get to know each other and develop relationships. Let’s be honest, it’s much easier to scroll through social media than to talk to someone new. So let’s get rid of those distractions!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for all my favorite people to be in one room together. And when they’re all together, I want them to be fully present.

So how do you make an unplugged wedding happen? Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on how to execute a device free wedding!

It’s mini session time y’all!

Have you ever wanted to do a boudoir session but haven’t taken the leap yet? Well you’re in luck because it’s boudoir time!

I’m beyond thrilled to offer boudoir mini sessions this fall just in time for the holidays! On Saturday, November 11th we will be gathering for our sessions at a stunning studio space in Lawrenceville, GA (stay tuned for sneak peak pictures soon!). You’ll be pampered and have plenty of time to get all dolled up!

Mini sessions are $200 and include:

  • 1 hour of photo time in an amazing studio space!
  • High resolution copies of your images with rights to print
  • Makeup done before your session with a makeup artist in the studio

Sign ups for mini-sessions come on a first-come, first-serve basis. All mini sessions are non-refundable and non-transferable due to limited studio availability and a high demand for mini session dates and times.

How do I sign up?

1. Email Me! (

2. In the email, please include the following:

  • Your name
  • Reason for the shoot (gift for a loved one, just for you, etc.)
  • Preferred time slot: a) early morning b) late morning c) early afternoon d) late afternoon
  • Anything special I should know!

3. I will correspond with you and give you a specific time slot on November 11th.

4. Sign your session contract and pay for your session!

If you have any questions about how mini sessions work please leave a comment below or send me an email! I hope to see you there!

One question I get asked a lot from potential brides is, “Will you have a second shooter with you at my wedding?”.

My answer is always YES!

Having a second photographer at your wedding is critical to me and it should be to you too!

Here are the top reasons I think a second shooter is valuable at a wedding, and why I think you should make sure you have one:

01. A different perspective to the wedding day

Since the main photographer and second shooter are literally in two different positions (or sometimes two different places), this allows you to get a variety of images. The photographers can capture two different perspectives of your wedding day at the same time. This allows you to receive a greater variety of images in your wedding album.

02. Two photographers = Two people in different places

There are parts of the wedding day where the wedding party and guests are split up. Usually in the morning the bride and bridesmaids are in one location, and the groom and groomsmen (those groomsmen need a little love too!) are in another. By having two photographers they can split up and ensure to get photographs of your whole wedding party even when you’re not all together.

There are also times when the wedding party is taking portraits and the guests are mingling…now you can have one photographer doing portraits and another capturing your guests!

I think you get the idea…two people in two different places is a huge advantage to capturing your wedding day!

As a bride and groom there is so much of your wedding day that you don’t get to see. By having two photographers you can experience a lot of your wedding day from the guests perspective through photographs.

03. An Insurance Policy

This has never happened to me (knock on wood), but it is possible to have some sort of camera malfunction or equipment failure. Perhaps the film gets damaged in some way or the CF card (digital camera) is damaged and you loose your pictures….this is truly my worst nightmare. Let’s hope it never happens!

BUT if there did happen to be some sort of equipment failure for any reason, a second shooter would ensure that every moment was still captured and that you would get your whole wedding day captured. This is probably the BIGGEST reason why I always want a second shooter at a wedding. You only get one wedding day, so I always want to do whatever I can to capture every special moment no matter what.

04. More coverage in less time

Having two people covering your wedding day allows for more photos to be taken. Obviously right?

Well this means that two photographers can take more photos of your details in less time. Again…two photographers = two people in two different places at one time! So while one photographer is doing portraits the other could be photographing the details of the reception space and ceremony! This means that your photographers don’t need as much coverage time to capture all those details. This is great news for you because you don’t have to worry as much about extending your photography hours!

* Note: Each photographer does work a little differently though, so talk with your wedding photographer on how to best utilize your coverage time so that your whole wedding day gets photographed well.

05. Capturing special moments

There are so many beautiful moments that happen on a wedding day in a flash. By having two photographers at your wedding, it is more likely that all those special moments and details get captured.

Trust me…you don’t want that moment when your groom sees you for the first time to be missed! In this example, what I love is that one photographer can be capturing the grooms reaction to seeing you, and the other photographer can be capturing you (the bride) as you see your groom! With both sets of images you can get a complete story about that amazing moment on your wedding day!

Well friends….I hope you see the benefits to having a second shooter at your wedding. When you are booking a wedding photographer be sure to ask them if they will have a second shooter at your wedding. The answer should always be yes (in my opinion!)! It is SO worth it!

Featured Image: Taken by me while second shooting with JB Marie Photography

You’ve got dreamy, glowing wedding images pinned all over Pinterest (common…admit it), and that’s what you are envisioning for your wedding day photos. Soft light, romantic images, and glamorous shots are filling your head!

Well…the good news is you could have those images, but you have to plan out your timeline well. When planning your wedding day timeline with a film photographer, the first key to remember is that it’s all about that natural light!

So what are the proper steps you need to take to make sure you get those vivid glowing fine art images you’ve been dreaming of?

01. Getting Ready

When picking your getting ready room, try to find a space that has as much natural light as possible. The rooms with large windows where natural light can fill the space are the absolute best! This way your photographer can capture your getting ready moments (those sweet ones with mom buttoning up the back of your dress) in film!

If your getting ready room is in a church basement with dim lighting, don’t fret! You will still have getting ready photos, but they may have to be staged. That’s right…staged! You would be surprised how many ‘getting ready’ photographs are staged. You can take your dress to a room with better lighting (or outside) and do a few getting ready photos in film. Allow yourself to be a little creative with this process and trust your photographer. They do this all the time!

02. The Details

Prepare any details you’d like to have photographed in advance. This helps your photographer out a tremendous amount. You can read more about how to organize your wedding details well here.

03. The Ceremony

The ceremony is the part of the day that the photographer has the least amount of control. That’s okay, we just have to be a little more creative to make sure you get all the images you need and deserve!

So there are a few things to ask yourself:

What is the lighting like in my ceremony space? Is my ceremony outside? Is it under a tree or covering? Is it in direct sunlight? Or are you getting married in a church? If so, what is the natural lighting like inside the church?

If you’re getting married in a dark church without lots of light, film images won’t be possible. Film just doesn’t do well in dark situations, BUT it is possible to get beautiful digital images that can match the look of film pretty well (so no worries!). You’ll still get wonderful images of your ceremony, but they just won’t be in film.

Maybe you’re getting married outside! If so, think about what the lighting is like. Is your ceremony under lots of trees or is it in direct light? Do you know what the light looks like in the ceremony space during the time of your ceremony? What kind of space will the photographer have to get different shots of the ceremony?

If the light is particularly good at a certain time of day for your ceremony site then think about that! Maybe you should plan your ceremony during those beautiful light times.

If it’s not possible, then no worries! Your photographer will make it work no matter what the lighting situation is like.

04. Family Portraits

Try and have all your family portraits taken outdoors. By taking your family portraits outside this will ensure all your portraits (family + bride and groom) all have the same style and lighting. All your portraits could then flow together filled with beautiful lighting! You want family portraits that you can display proudly, and taking them in natural light will ensure you’ll get those dreamy images.

05. Bride and Groom Portraits

If I could plan every wedding, I would plan them all around bride and groom portraits. In order to get those dreamy images you’re thinking of, it’s best to take them 1.5 – 2 hours before sunset. So if sunset is at 8pm, we should schedule our bride and groom portraits for around 6pm.

If possible, I would plan your ceremony with these portraits in mind. I would schedule your ceremony right before portrait time so you can leave the ceremony and go directly to portraits.

06. Reception

Think about what your reception space looks like.

What is the lighting situation like? Is your reception outdoors or indoors? If your reception is indoors is the space filled with lots of natural windows or is it in a dark ballroom? Is there light hitting the reception space from all directions?

Again….we’re back to talking about that natural light! The ideal situation for capturing your reception on film is to host it outside. I would recommend underneath some big trees or underneath some big beautiful white tents or even out in the open (depending on the time of year).

07. Exit

Usually actual exits happen late in the evening at the very end of the night. If you’d like your exit to be captured in film consider planing a ‘fake exit’. You can schedule your fake exit during the beginning of the reception while there is still daylight, and get beautiful exit photos. Sometimes fake exits are nice for a few reasons:

  1. You can get beautiful exit images in film.
  2. They give your older guests a natural time to leave before it gets too late.
  3. If you don’t have a ton of time booked with your photographer, this allows you to maximize your photographer’s time and get that exit shot. For example, if you have your photographer booked for 10 hours, but you know your reception will go beyond the 10 hours you have booked; a fake exit will be perfect! It will allow you to get those exit images without extending your photographer’s time.

Do you have any questions on how to plan your wedding timeline? Leave your questions below! I’d love to hear them.

You can read more about the film series here and here!

This is my grandpa. This is my mom’s dad. This is Cecil.

P.S. – He’s the one in the black shirt! 🙂

I never had the opportunity to meet Cecil, he passed away quite some time before I was born. Oh how I wish I could have known him. Cecil raised my mom on his own for most of her life, and loved her well. While I actually never had the opportunity to meet, talk, touch, or know Cecil myself; I feel like I know him through my mom and who she is today. I feel like I know a little about him through the stories my mom tells and the photographs we have.

I don’t have many pictures of my grandpa, and I’ve only seen a few photos of him in my life.

While I may not have my grandparents here today, their legacy still lives on in our family. I love listening to my mom talk about her family and hearing about the stories she remembers. I love searching through our family history getting to know my ancestors better and piece together our legacy. I love knowing how I got to where I am today. Knowing my family better helps me understand that.

Cecil’s legacy has lived on through stories my mom tells and the few precious photographs we have.

This is why I love photography.

I believe photographs are more that just pictures. I believe when you take a picture, it is not only cherished in the now, but will be held onto with love and passed on for generations to come. I believe that photographs preserve memories. I believe that my job as a photographer is to help you capture your most precious memories to keep forever.

I think it’s so important to take QUALITY photos documenting your life. You don’t need a million images on your iphone and on social media (I’m pretty sure your children will never sift through all those anyhow!). Just document the important moments and spend the rest of your time living.

I challenge you to take the time to document your most precious moments and print them. That’s right print them! Showcase them in your home where you can see them every day. Print them so you can easily share them with others. I’m pretty if you don’t print them you’ll forget about them and they’ll get lost in the electronic abyss (speaking from personal experience!).

I hope you preserve your most precious memories so your granddaughter can some day have the fondest memories and stories of you through your photographs.

What are your most cherished photographs? What memories do you have associated with those photographs? I’d love to hear your stories! How do you preserve your legacy?

Welcome to Part 2 of the Film Series!

You can read Part 1 on why I love film and why I value this medium here.

One question I get asked a lot from potential clients is, “So do I still get digital pictures or am I only getting prints?”

This is a great question!

And the short answer is….Yes! You do get high quality digital images in return,  just as you would from a purely digital photographer.

But there is more to it than that short answer….it’ such a cool process how we get from taking an image at an event, to delivering a high quality jpeg image to you. I think the details are totally worth sharing!

Film is a little different now than it was when I was a kid. Do you all remember the days of disposal and  35mm film cameras? I would carry those cameras around…take pictures of random things that I just had to capture (mostly animals and plants), and then drop off the rolls of film or disposable cameras at Walgreens. I’d come back a little while later, and there I’d have an envelope full of 4×6 photos. If I was lucky I got a few keepers, the rest would have a finger in the top corner of the screen or would be blurry! Anyone else have those experiences?

Well, the kind of film I’m talking about is much different! I use what is called a medium format camera. This camera has a bigger frame than a 35 mm camera and produces beautiful images like the ones you see here!

I load the camera with film, make sure the lighting is good (another lesson for another day), and shoot away during the session, wedding, or whatever the event might be.

Once the event is over, I am one happy photographer with a bag filled with full rolls of film. I ship off all the film to Indie Film Lab (my favorite film lab…you should check them out!).

The film lab then develops and processes all my rolls of film, scans all the images in, and then does any color correction if needed. As far as I’m concerned….magic happens in the film lab. 😉

Once the film lab is done processing everything, they send me high resolution scans of each photo I took.  So now, I have high quality jpeg images that I can share with my clients. These images are beautiful and full of life and rarely need any additional corrections on my end.

P.S. – 99% of the photos on my website are film images! Check them out! See what you think!

All my clients then get beautiful gallery full of digital images just as they would from a digital photographer. But of course I still think you should print your favorites!

Do you have any lingering questions about film photography that you’d like to know? I’d love to hear about them!

Till next time film lovers!

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