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Y’all I’ve sat here trying to figure out the right words to write down about this maternity session, and I’ve just decided that nothing I put down is going to do it justice! Grace and Clayton are something amazing! These two just welcomed their sweet baby girl Bonnie into the world this past week, so I think it’s the perfect time to celebrate them!

But first we have to back up for just a minute…

When I moved to Athens for graduate school, I instantly started looking for a dance studio. Luckily, I found DanceFx and heard about one of their companies (the Modern Pin-Ups) and thought I would give it a try! I’m so glad I did because this group has been life changing, these women have become my family here in Athens! Grace leads this tribe of women with so much love and encouragement, it’s unlike any other group of women I’ve ever met. To be apart of a group of women that truly want to lift one another up and support each other in any way possible is a remarkable experience. I am always in awe of how Grace continues to lead and love on each of her dancers.

Not only does Grace lead and encourage women to be their best selves, she’s a talented researcher and professor at UGA, and gives back to her friends and community in so many ways. She’s a supportive and giving daughter and sister to her family, and bends over backwards to be present in their lives. So I have no doubt in my mind that this baby will be loved and supported beyond words! Grace and Clayton have entered parenthood with such intentionality and joy, it’s been a pleasure watching them in this season of life.

During this maternity session we hit a bunch of local Athens spots that were important to Grace and Clayton, which made this session extra unique! I felt like I was walking through stories of their relationship with each new stop. Our first stop was Cine, where these two took their engagement photos! It was such a sweet idea to continue taking their family photos in this same spot. Next, we went to Wuxtry Records because if you know these two….you know their love for music! I mean check out Clayton’s ‘Grateful Dad’ shirt, it’s awesome! Then (This one is my favorite!) we stopped by Walker’s Pub where these two met for the first time!!! And then off to North Campus!

Each image in this session was captured in such a memorable place for these two, or was filled with the presence of family and friends. I am honored to have been able to watch this couple grow through their maternity days and capture this sweet season of life. Congrats Grace and Clayton! You all are already amazing parents. I can’t wait to watch little Bonnie grow up!

P.S. – I just got to take newborn photos of little Bonnie and y’all….she’s a gem!



It’s been baby season over here in my world….no no not for me personally, but for lots of my close friends! Some of my favorite friends are having babies this year, and it’s been such a fun process to see them become moms!

I met Logan dancing with the Modern Pinups here in Athens and she was instantly one of my favorites in the crew. She helped me feel welcome and connected to this new group and I’ll forever be thankful for that.

Logan is one of the most beautiful, friendly, and generous people I have ever met. On top of that she is always looking SO gorgeous at every stage of life….I don’t know how she does it, but I need to know her secrets! I could only hope that I look as amazing as she does when I’m pregnant!

When Logan announced that her and Ryan would be having a baby I was overwhelmed with joy and knew they would both be the most loving parents. I loved watching these two interact and tell me all about their baby plans during their maternity session. Seeing new parents get excited about their growing family has to be one of the sweetest things ever!

Now their little girl has arrived and is growing faster than ever! Little Daylen is so loved and sweet….but that’s to be saved for a later post!

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