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When I got contacted about this photographing this surprise engagement, my answer was instantly YES!

Cassie and Michael met during their undergraduate years at UGA and have since moved away from Athens GA! But when these two came back into town for the holidays, Michael used this time to take Cassie back to the very classroom where they met to propose. He left Cassie with their old class syllabus (I’m impressed he could even find this!) saying “There’s an opportunity for extra credit at 3 pm”.

Before Cassie arrived, Michael filled her old seat with candles and flowers. Watching Michael light all these candles was such an incredible moment. I could tell he was so excited, nervous, and ready for Cassie to show up! Once she arrived, they each sat in their old class seats, and watched a slideshow of videos and photos of memories throughout their relationship. 😭(This video was a tearjerker y’all…no words can do it justice!).

Towards the end of the video Michael got up from his seat and proposed to Cassie right there. Watching these two celebrate in that moment was something I’ll never forget! This was an unique, creative, and beautiful proposal that deserved to be captured!

Afterwards we walked around UGA’s campus and took portraits outside to celebrate this big day!

Congrats Cassie and Michael! I wish you both the best of luck in your careers, your marriage, and everything you do! I know you both will do big things! Thank you for trusting me with such a special day!


One of the questions I get asked frequently from my new couples is, “Where should we have our engagement session?”.

Great, question! It’s hard to pick a location! Here is what I advise my couples when they’re trying to find the perfect location for their session:

01. Think of places that are important to both of you!

Where do you enjoy spending time together?

What do you have in common?

Are there places that mean a lot to you as a couple?

Think through these questions together and see if you can come up with a location or two that has meaning in your relationship. I love taking photos for my couples at locations that mean something to them. This makes an engagement session even more unique!

02. Keep Seasons in Mind!

Think about the time of year you’d like to take your engagement photos and what locations may be best during that time of year. For example, if it’s important to you to get photos when all the cherry blossoms are blooming in D.C., then it doesn’t make sense to have your engagement session in December. There will be no blossoms, and you will be highly disappointed in your photos!

You can have BEAUTIFUL engagement photos during all seasons of the year, however some locations are going to be more suitable for a Winter session vs. a Spring session. So keep in mind the season that you’re in, and what will look best during that time of year.

03. What are you wearing?

Make sure that your outfit and your location make sense together. If it’s important to you to wear a super glam dress and high stilettos, then taking photos on a river bank might not make the most sense. You want to look like you belong in the atmosphere you are in! So just think about the look you are trying to achieve.

My couples often pack a dressier outfit and a more casual outfit. We then ensure that we choose locations where those outfits make the most sense. If you’re in doubt that your outfit will look good in a particular location, text a few photos to your photographer and ask! Or bring a few extra outfits with you to your session, and pick out what feels right when you arrive.

04. Communicate with Your Photographer

I promise that your photographer wants to help you achieve beautiful engagement photos! Reach out to them and ask questions! Send them photos of your potential outfit choices and location ideas and get their opinion. They can help you piece everything together! They’d love to help you!

05. Look through Photos that You are Drawn to

When my clients are having a hard time picking a location, I ask them to send me some photos that they like the ‘feel’ of. I’m not asking for poses they like or anything like that, but instead I’m trying to figure out what they are drawn to.

Do you tend to be drawn to photos of couples in cities?

Do you tend to be drawn to photos of couples in the woods?

Do you tend to be drawn to photos of couples on the beach?

See if there are any themes in the photos you like! If you’re loving all beach photos, then hey…go have your engagement session in the sand!

At the end of the day, these are YOUR photos! If you take a little time to really think about your engagement session location you’ll be so happy with the end result!

Happy Planning!


When Lauren and Braden told me they wanted to take their engagement photos at Ben Burton Park on the water, I knew I was in for a treat! I had been waiting for a couple to be adventurous enough to go out on the water with me. Then Lauren busted out this beautiful dress and I could barely contain my excitement! I still can’t get over how lovely these outfit choices are! Aren’t they just the cutest!?!?!

These two just laughed and played sweetly throughout their whole session. They were such a joy to spend time with! Every time I look through these images I smile thinking of how joyful this couple is. It’s couples like this that fuel my heart for weddings!

Lauren and Braden, I can’t wait for your garden wedding next year!


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